what is a good outdoor/durable sprinkler controller?

I've recently bought a house that has a Toro Greenkeeper sprinkler controller. It was put on the outside of the house when the house was built 7 years ago and it's on the west wall outside in a desert climate...so even though it's in a plastic box, I think the hot afternoon sun has take its toll on the unit. None of the buttons seems to work and the plastic is very discolored. The round contact switch seems very tempermental also. I did some looking around and saw that this unit is not rated for 'outdoor' use. I want to replace it. I only have three zones right now as it is a small yard. I might add one more in the future, as I currently have a separate controller for the back yard. I'd like to keep the costs down around $50 if possible...what sprinkler controller is durable enough to withstand summer (probably over 120 degrees in the direct hot afternoon sunlight ) and would meet my needs?

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    We have a Rainbird which also stands up to desert temperatures, has a cover, is easy to operate and has 8 stations. It has been out there for nearly 10 years and it still cranks away even when I have to water twice a day in the heat of the summer. If you are around the SoCal area, go to Hydroscape where they sell quality components and are really helpful in finding automatic sprinkler parts to meet your needs and our climate.

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  • Sane
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    1 decade ago

    Before you wrote it I was thinking the Toro is not rated for outside applications. Most home timers are meant to be installed in a garage, porch or basement. I'm afraid your going to have to go with a commercial unit, and they will cost more than $50. Most commercial applications will use that, or in some cases you can install an indoor unit in a weatherproof box. So thats an option. Is there any way you can get the line inside somewhere, maybe splice into it and run it to a garage? Thats your only option to keep your costs down. Then go with a Toro or Rainbird timer they are the most reliable.

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  • Rob
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    1 decade ago

    The Hunter Pro-C is a good timer, you just have to make sure you get the outdoor version. You won't get it for $50, but what you can get for that price won't be rated for outdoor use anyway. Shop around on the Internet for prices. Toro is garbage. At one time they were the best, but that was years ago.

    Source(s): I am a sprinkler tech and have operated and installed many controllers.
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