What's better, AVG or Avast anti-virus?

Why? I would also like to know if you know any other better anti-viruses and also anti-spyware and firewalls?

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    I first used AVG, then later Avast! & lastly I now use Antivir anti-virus by Avira. All of these products are free & can be downloaded at download.com.

    AVG has the lowest of the free products of success in locating viruses, Avast is a little better but Antivir outshines the others by a mile. In some tests it has even beaten paid editions of Kaspersky & Bitdefender in detection rate, though this really depends on who is doing the testing. Kaspersky as a commercial product is probably the best of the non-free anti-virus programs; although you could try the free AOL Active scan which uses an older Kaspersky detection engine. This is also a good product but I found it uses greater system resources & slowed down my old Pentium 3.

    I can therefore without any doubt recommend the free Antivir Personal Edition Classic; it is widely recognized as a good anti-virus. It's down sides are the virus update server which is on the slow side when connecting & an advert that pops up when you update. If you can put up with these minor annoyances, this would be my recommendation to you.

    One other criticism of some people towards Antivir is that it's user interface is not as appealing or as feature rich as AVG or Avast. I would agree. Of course, if I ever needed to choose between two virtually identical pieces of sofware, the user interface might then be of real importance to me... but that is not the case with an antivirus package. Surely the MAIN criteria of an antivirus program is its effectiveness & not how snazzy its interface looks! Antivir's interface is plain but who cares, it protects my pc. People choosing on other grounds have obviously lost the point of why they have an antivirus. Another more naive comment often given concerning anti-virus programs in general is that they are all basically the same & its just down to personal choice. This is nonsense. Yes some may fall into a similar catergory of very good, good, etc. But there are clearly very good products & some which are poor or very poor in their effectiveness or functionality. To suggest that they're all the same is misguided to say the least. Whatever products YOU choose, at least try to make your choices based on valid factors rather than superfluous comments.

    What is maybe even more important than an anti-virus is a good firewall as this in itself will block most viruses from entering in the first place. I wholeheartedly recommend "Comodo firewall" which is also free from download.com. This actually beat all the other firewalls including paid versions in testing. If comparing firewall & anti-virus tests on the net, be sure to check the date of the testing as these products are constantly evolving. The older tests do not rate Comodo as first, but still in a strong place. Please note, that I do not recommend ZoneAlarm firewall free edition which I previously used (the paid Pro edition is good though). ZoneAlarm is on the bulky side & it is rated as a poor firewall on many leak tests. I have also heard hackers are also able to remotely turn ZoneAlarm free edition off & have experienced this happening myself.

    Use some good spyware/ adware cleaner. No spyware detectors have a monopoly on detection rates so it is best to use more than one. I use a number of products such as Adware SE Personal, Spyware blaster & Spybot Search & Destroy. In their FREE form, none of these give on-line protection but will successfully clean spyware from your system. I especially like Spyware Blaster & Spybot as they both "immunize" your internet browsers against infection from certain sites & spyware files. If you want 'running protection' from a free spyware program & have a legal edition of WINXP you can also try Microsoft's Windows Defender.

    Last but not least, a free program called McAfee SiteAdvisor embeds itself into your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. This will alert you of internet sites known for spyware or viruses & is another great way of protecting yourself. All these products mentioned again are available at Download.com.

    Hope this is helpful.


    P.S. Let me at this point recommend to everyone a paid piece of software, but the best software I have ever used. It's Acronis TrueImage. It will make a back-up of your entire C: drive, operating system, programs, settings, the lot. The back-up will normally be stored on another partition. Should anything go wrong, i.e. you get wiped by a virus, you delete some wrong files, there's a hard-disk corruption or you even format the C: drive!.... within minutes you can boot with their start-up disk & hey presto everything is back to normal. I've used this countless times & it never fails. It is the ultimate in security protection & back-up. (Much better than Norton Ghost too).

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    Looking at the comparative quoted above they tested AVG Anti Malware (not AVG Anti-virus) and in any case the AVG product scored 479.533 against Avast's 467.046.

    The product tested from Avast was the pro version not the free version so the whole thing is irrelevant to the question asked.

    This is really a coice thing as I don't believe there is a lot of difference between the two products. My preference is for AVG, it is dead easy to use and will auto scan and auto update.

    Avast looks pretty flashy though :-)

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    AVG uses less resources, but Avast scored higher on this comparison. Click the blue comparatives, under the second bold print and then #13 (online results).


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