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Shall we play a game of "Name that media bias!"?

In response to a recent post by one of our frequent anti-feminist trolls, I would like you invite you to take the opportunity with me to debunk the "sources" which are in fact not sources offered by said poster as the basis for his opinions. I'll take the first one, the National Center for Policy Analysis:








The National Center for Policy Analysis is a conservative think tank whose founders include CEO of the Frito-Lay company and who receives funding from such luminaries as DaimlerChrysler, Exxon, and Eli Lilly. It “prides itself on aggressively marketing its products for maximum impact by ‘targeting key political leaders and special interest groups, establishing on-going ties with members of the print and electronic media, and testifying before Congress, federal agencies, state lawmakers, and national organizations.’” It is decidedly pro-gun and anti-environment (“Grizzly Bear Removal From Endangered List Cause For Celebration”; it claims that “state climatologists who doubt global warming alarmism” are subject to “ongoing persecution”; some of these “alarmists” “assailed” the Bush administration for its censorious actions regarding global warming).

Update 2:

One author with the organization notes that “Hate-crimes legislation will take our laws too close to the notion of thought crimes.” On a debate topic regarding American aid to African countries, the site offers high school students only ONE source out of hundreds on colonialism in Africa.

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    The Nevada Policy Research Institute article is from 1999, it's written by the "institute's" president, and "the institute's" main web page right now has a big article about their headliner for their next event: Newt Gingrich (see link below for source).

    In the article, the institute's president quotes Cathy Young of the Women’s Freedom Network. What is the Women's Freedom Network? It's description is: "alternative to extemist feminism, same standards for excellence, morality and justice for men and women" (Note: They misspelled extremist, I copied their description from the web. See link below to source). Ms. Young does not quote facts from a research study or government statistics for pay equity, but she does state her personal opinion on pay equity.

    Next the institute president quotes American Enterprise Institute’s Diana Furchtgott-Roth's opinion of pay equity. What is the American Enterprise Institute? It is a conservative think-tank, and has been one of the leading architect's of the Bush Administration's public policies. More than 20 alumni of the AEI have worked for or with the Bush Administration. Lynn Cheney, the Vice-President's wife, is a Senior AEI Fellow. The AEI claims to be "non-partisan" (see below for a link to the AEI's web site, a link to the Washington Posts' article on the AEI's relationship with the Bush adminstration, and a White House press release of a speech Bush made at an AEI event).

    Among a few statistics stated, only two sources are listed, and only one statistic is listed with the year it was gathered (US Census, 1993), but there is not a link or description of how to access the data.

    There is quite a bit of data about the massive number of Women Business owners that have developed during the 1990's, but I've seen surveys of US women's business owners who said they needed more flexibility and had hit the "glass ceiling" and decided to take control of their earnings themselves. I've included a link to one of these studies. The author of this article says growth of women's businesses is proof that women don't experience a wage-gap. I don't see the correlation, and she doesn't quote research to substantiate her claim.

    P.S. I was a statistics lab instructor, as well as a women's studies minor, so I have created statistical research studies and evaluated research. As part of my master's degree, I've taken a number of courses in creating and evaluating both qualitative and quantitative educational research studies.

    EDIT: The "Harry New's" article is primarily a copy of a research assistant's article who worked for the same National Center for Policy Analysis conservative right-wing group that allegra has already discussed.

    The "Inserttitleblog" article quotes some of the same articles allegra has listed here, such as the National Center for Policy Analysis articles.

    Source(s): Nevada Policy Research Institute (conservative "policy" group): Women's Freedom Network (anti-feminist group): AEI self-description: Article about the AEI and the Bush Administration: White House press release of Bush's speech at an AEI event: Rise in Women Owned Businesses research article:
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    Bullet, do you read the Washington Post?

    AAUW did a study on wages and controlled for hours, occupation, parenthood and other factors known to directly affect earnings, and still came up with a wage gap starting immediately after college.

    As for your assertion that companies can't pay people in the same position different wages, I'm not sure where you got that. There is no protection for wage discrimination based on gender, just like there is none for age. The US military is notorious for discrimination as well (currently women are banned completely from ~10% of all positions and there is a cap at the number of women even allowed in the Navy).

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    The Glenn Sacks article doesn't name any of the books that were studied. He brings us the fact that they airbrushed the faults of feminists such as Margaret Sanger. I don't recall in any of the history books on men description such as Thomas Jefferson has illegitamate children through his black slave, that Kennedy had zillions of affairs and made a mess of the Cuban Missile Crises. There is not mention of the fact that Laurence of Arabia preferred young boys or that Churchill was a drunk. History books simply don't care they focus on the accomplishments of an individual and everyone has flaws that is part of human nature.

    The CNN article doesn't say that there isn't a wage disparity. They just say that it is due to many factors and isn't always clear cut.

    Great question and I will have to go through this a bit more when I have more time. Very interesting.

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    The article from the Independent Women's Foundation uses only the president of their site as a source to support their argument that the U.S. Department of Labor's calculation of the wage gap is biased becuase "it ignores important factors like occupation, number of years and hours worked, and education." Of course, their is no replication of a Dept. of Labor statistical chart (unfortunately, I had trouble finding one myself) to prove that the Department of Labor actually ignores any of these factors (I particularly find "education" to be a difficult one to believe is left out, considering I have always discussed/heard the wage gap discussed in college according to level of education). There is also no expert (a statistician, perhaps) to discuss this issue in depth, as is needed.

    As the only source of support, the president of this organization argues, "Women tend to make lifestyle choices that are different than men," Pfotenhauer continued. "Women take time out of the work force to care for children. Women gravitate toward careers that provide greater flexibility and require less travel and relocation. Women take fewer safety risks on the job. These are fine decisions, but they are decisions that mean that women on average will earn less money." Apparently, according to the "Independent Women's Forum" women deserve to be discriminated against in the workplace because they are mothers, and the fact that our society has still not evolved past the idea that women must be the primary caregivers is not a cause for complaint, it is just cause for a smaller paycheck. For a website that claims to be focused on "independent women," the fact that this group never considers the idea of a workforce that recognizes women's multiple duties (and does not punish women for continuing the human race) or a society that promotes shared childrearing, and instead advises women to turn a blind eye to the fact that their biological difference is grounds for inferior treatment and pay, does not seem to have women's interests (especially "independent" women's interests) at heart.

    And the point that "women take fewer safety risks on the job"---how does that work as an excuse for white-collar discrimination? Have women refused to operate staplers in offices across the country? This is ludicrous. And it shows that this organization is guilty of the same flawed reasoning that they are claiming the Department of Labor is guilty of--not looking closely at how different factors affect (or in this case, don't affect) women in the workforce.

    The title of this group "Independent Women's Forum" doesn't quite make sense until looking at their intended meaning of "independent"--that they mean independent FROM feminism. This is clear in the fact that they rally against not only the wage gap, but also aginst "The Vagina Monologues" and V-Day Campus Events, which are activist events to bring awareness to violence against women. While they claim to be a "non-partisan" organization, their contributors are clearly "conservative," as the author who writes against V Day was published in her univerity's "conservative magaine" (see 1st link below). Of course, the name of their organization is meant to mislead people into thinking it's a feminist organization, as their emphasis that one author, Dr. Warren Farrell, was "a former board member of the National Organization for Women’s New York City chapter" further demonstrates. Whatever he once was, Dr. Farrell is no feminist (see links below) and its NOT endorsed by NOW. For a group that is so against feminist groups, it is interesting that they use his supposed past affiliation with one as a way to make him a credible source.

    Overall, this organization is all about manipulation--of words, facts, etc--to promote their own agenda, which is clearly a conservative one that does not serve the interests of women, "independent" or not.

    Source(s): Dr. Farrell Sources: He is the co-president of the "National Organization for Men" His Personal website:
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