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An unemployed father of four shuffled hopelessly along a lonely road. He had left home at the crack of dawn, as he had done every day for the last few months. His despair was evident in his re-luctant gait. He anticipated that his rounds of the town would again fail to produce any paid labor.

The family was struggling. Bills were piling up, the kids sometimes went to bed hungry, and his wife was becoming depressed. As he dragged his feet along the dusty road, his toe kicked something. Curious, he bent down to pick it up. It was an old, battered, and unfamiliar coin. Not enough, he thought, to ease our plight.

Nonetheless, he took it to the bank. “It is not legal currency,” the teller said to him. The man shrugged. It was the way his luck was going. The teller suggested he take it to a coin collector down the street. The collector confirmed its antiquity and gave him $30 for his find.

Overjoyed, the poor man began to ponder what he might do with this windfall. As he walked passed a hardware store, he noticed some beautifully grained wood on sale. He could build his wife some shelves, for she had been saying for sometime there was nowhere to put her pots and jars in their modest kitchen.

Exchanging his $30 for the timber, he lifted it on his shoulder and started the journey home. Along the way he happened to pass a furniture maker. The manufacturer’s professional eye quickly spotted the attractive grain, the rich color, and the high quality of timber the man carried on his shoulder. He had an order to build a display cabinet, and with that timber he could ask a high price, so he offered the man $100. When the poor man hesitated, the furniture maker tempted him by of-fering a choice of certain pre-made furniture.

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    一個失業有四個孩子的父親絕望地拖曳著腳步沿一條偏僻的路行走。他在黎明時刻離開了家, 他最近幾個月每天都是如此。從他勉強的步伐可以看出他的絕望是如此的明顯。他期望, He anticipated that his rounds of the town would again fail to produce any paid labor。他的家庭努力的奮鬥。帳單越跌越高, 孩子有時是餓著肚子上床睡覺, 而且他的妻子也越來越沮喪。當他拖著腳步沿著骯髒的路走的時候, 他的腳趾踢到了某個東西。他好奇的彎下腰撿起它。這是一枚破舊的,不常見的硬幣。他心中想著:不是很足夠來緩和我們的困境。但是 他還是拿去了銀行。"這不是合法的貨幣," 出納人員對他說。他聳聳肩。這就是他的運氣呈現方式。出納人員建議他拿去給一位住在下面街道的硬幣收藏家。收藏家證實了它的年份然後給了他$30 來答謝他的發現。狂喜之中, 這個窮人開始考慮要怎麼處理這筆意外之財。當他走過一家五金店, 他注意到了一個具有漂亮紋理的木頭在銷售中。他能幫他的妻子建造一些架子, 為了她有些時候說沒地方可以放她的罐和瓶子在他們的簡陋廚房。他用$30買了木材,他把它舉在他的肩膀和開始回家。一路上他偶然經過一家傢具製作商。製造商的專業眼睛迅速察覺了那個人肩上的那塊有魅力,深色的, 而且高質量的木材。他有一份訂單要修造一個展示櫃, 如果是使用這塊木材的話,他可以把價格提的很高, 因此他提供那個人$100 。當可憐的人猶豫了, 傢具製作者用他可以挑一件已經做好的家具的理由來誘惑他

    我是先用翻譯軟體翻過~~然後自己慢慢修改那些句子....畢竟用翻譯軟體翻譯句子的結果真的很差~~ 翻的不是很優美~~請見諒~~還有一句我不知道該怎翻所以就把原來的英文照貼上去!

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