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施鈺芬 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



Jabbing at ball without follow-through. Poor opposition of arms and legs.

Failure to use a summation of forces by the body to contribute to force of the kick. Failure to contact ball squarely or missing it completely (eyes not focused on ball). Failure to get adequate distance (lack of follow-through and force production)

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    擊球後無法完成擊球後的弧形動作. 手腳呈現出相反的動作

    無法使用身體總合的力量去完成踢球所需的力量. 無法確實地接

    觸到球或是完全接不到球 (眼睛無法集中注意球). 無法保持適當的

    距離 (缺少完成擊球後的弧形動作及產生的力量)

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