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Code DIvision Multiple Access?

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    Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a form of multiplexing and a method of multiple access that divides up a radio channel not by time (as in time division multiple access), nor by frequency (as in frequency-division multiple access), but instead by using different pseudo-random code sequences for each user. CDMA is a form of "spread-spectrum" signaling, since the modulated coded signal has a much higher bandwidth than the data being communicated.

    To clarify the CDMA scheme one may think in this way: a big hall room consisting of many people of many countries. Each pair of people from same country are talking to each other. There one pair is not understanding to other pairs' talk but the people of the same language are understanding themselves. Like in this way, in CDMA each pair of users is given a single code which uses the channel. There many codes are occupying the channels but only that user which is associated with the code can decode it.

    CDMA also refers to digital cellular telephony systems that make use of this multiple access scheme, such as those pioneered by QUALCOMM, and W-CDMA by the International Telecommunication Union or ITU.

    CDMA has been used in many communications and navigation systems, including the Global Positioning System and in the OmniTRACS satellite system for transportation logistics.

    For more in depth information go here-

    If you want to know the difference between CDMA and GSM, go here-;_ylt=An...

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