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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 1 decade ago

Error Message!!! HELP, PLEASE???

Title of Game: SIMS the Complete Collection

Error: "Please login with administrator privileges and try again"

Platform: PC

Operating System: XP Home

Here's the situation:

I am the administrator of PC and so is MY account [checked it already several times!]

Yes, I've Un-installed and Re-installed the game several times already.

I even went to Best Buy, where I purchased the game, and exchanged the game for replacement game [same title].

I also Un-installed and Re-installed the replacement game.

I have also created a new user and gave administrator privilege to that user also.


No matter what I've done, i still doesn't work!

Any NEW suggestions?

Who else has this issue?

Best Buy where I bought the game says it's MY pc, NOT the PROGRAMMING!

Told them that OTHERS have this same issue [did my research online prior to telling them that], and they will NOT exchange the game for something else, because it was opened!


How else do you find out IT WON'T WORK???

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    Yes...I can help u out with that...

    The bad news for ur problem is that it can be fixed by just formatting ur PC n then installing the game after that.

    The good news however is that there is an easier way. Sorry if u felt angry on reading that bad news. Just a small habit of mine.

    The way to get the game workin is simple. Create another account with administrator privileges. Log into that account. N then try installing the game...It shud work just fine.

    I can possibly second guess the reason why this is happening. U may have changed ur LogIn name after the time that u installed the OS for the first time. Ya, I know this is not supposed to cause any problems, but unfortunately fo some ppl, it does create problems. Creating another user usually solves this problem. I have actually fixed it at a friend's givin u the same opinion.

    If this however does not solve ur problem, I am really sorry to say, a format n reinstall is the only option, tho' naturally, I would only forget the game if it gets to that (yeah, the money goes's on you bro)

    If u still want ne clarification, feel free to IM me on my Yahoo ID

    IM me on "hackersintown"

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