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My boyfriend doesn't really act like a boyfriend.?

My boyfriend doesn't really act like a boyfriend. He doesn't want to hold my hand, he even doesn't give me hugs, much less kiss me. What do I do???

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    He doesn't sound like a boyfriend at all.. What is he ashamed to admit that he has feelings for you? Doesn't he want people to know that the two of you love each other? So what is HIS PROBLEM??? Girl, You are getting the short end of the stick!!! Talk to him and find out why he feels this way, And if he can't satisfy you with an honest answer, Then it's time to find someone else!!! You deserve better then that. Best of luck..

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    if you are just started dating with each other then thats not a problem. just give it time and he will lively up to u

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    he sounds like hes shy. you need to initiate it first.

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