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What is the origin of the Ottawa Senators name and logo?

I know that they are called the Senators because they are paying homage to the original Senators but why did they have that name?

Also why is their logo a Roman soldier and their mascot a lion?

It is just something i have always wondered since I began watching hockey.

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    I think because Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Like the old Washington Senators baseball team. Both have Senators working in town?

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    Ottawa Senators Logo

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    Senators Logo

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    I think enough people have picked up on the name -- Original Ottawa Senators (1893-1934) and the Canadian Senate. The logo was assigned by the league to replace the team's desired Peace Tower logo (see; ) Note the old Washington Senators started in 1901 and copied the name of the hockey team.

    The NHL figured Americans, being too busy shooting each other and with a tendency to be a LITTLE xenophobic, wouldn't understand what a peacetower is.

    This is a Peace Tower:

    Source(s): Used to have a Peace Tower tee-shirt
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    They were Senators and Silver Seven ** The Club had several nicknames such as the Capitals and Generals in the 1890s, Silver Seven from 1903-1907 and the Senators dating from 1901

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    Right, the name Senators is to pay respect to the original Ottawa Senators the nickname of the hockey club that represented Ottawa from 1892-1933 and was one of the founding members of the NHL in 1917. They were also known as The Silver Seven and the Ottawa Hockey Club winning 10 Stanley Cups. The name refers to Ottawa being Canada's National Capital - the two house of government being the House of Commons and the Senate (better than the Ottawa Commoners I suppose) The Roman Legionnaire I believe he is called, is in reference to the origin of the Senate being in Rome. The original emblem was a large O which might look to some as a Zero. Just having a letter on the jersey is kind of old school so they went with the Roman I guess. The lion is probably in reference to the way that enemies were thrown to the lions in the Roman Collisseum.

  • Anonymous
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    They were the Ottawa Senators. When they returned to the NHL they decided to keep their name.

  • MattH
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    They have that name because Ottawa is the capital of Canada... so Senators... government.. you get the picture.

    Logo is a Roman Soldier becuase that is usually associated with ancient Roman Senators who often fought in the Roman legions. It's a stretch, but it's a hell of alot more exciting logo than a Canadian MP on a jersey.

    Mascot is a lion because Canadian government has British roots, and the British national animal is a lion... so it kinda sticks.

    lol lots to do with Canadian Federal Government, because.. as I've said above.. it is the capital of the country.

    And yes they were named the Senators, because when Canada's governor general Lord Stanley of Preston gave the dominion of CAnada a cup for the champions of hockey, the Senators were one of the first teams ever competing for it. Lots of hockey history out there in Ottawa.

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    I would guess that the Legionnaire logo is due to fact that an old Roman man in a toga is a bad hockey logo.

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    What the dude said above and that they basically took it from the team in Ottawa back in the pre-NHL days

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