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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsMarriage & Divorce · 1 decade ago

do guys bring any chick around their children and family?

Do guys bring random chicks around their family and children?

I have been dating this guy for sometime not very long. Last night as you all know the fight was on, and he invited me to come and watch it with him and his famliy. The crazy thing is I met his daughter for the first time. She is in 4th grade, i wanted to know does this mean anything that im chilling with the family and meeting the daughter. I have met his family before not all of them but a good portion. We are not in a relationship just dating at this point. My question is do you think his easing me into his life slowly, does he want to maybe get into a relationship with me ? And do men bring random chicks their dating around their children what do you guys think i need help.......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As women, we have this irritating thing of having to label everything. Listen honey whether or not you guys have sat down and said, Hey i want to see each other exclusively or not, this action shows good faith that he is easing you into the family. We are the only ones that have to hear, do you want to be my girlfriend. Without those magical words we think oh, we're just dating not in a relationship. Maybe he wants to see how you interact with them before he pops the big question. Men's family opinions are very important and they do actually care what they think so I hope you made a good impression.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kids talk. He could using you to get back at his ex. If the child sees you and mom asks what they did, he wants the ex to "feel" something other than indifference towards him. He's not to bright if he has a 4th grader and is not in a real relationship with her mom.

    So if I were you, I'd step lightly and not take anything seriously. He may just be looking for someone to mother his child for him or something not permanent, like "friends with benefits", "play house", etc, and wants everybody to be okay with it, especially if his family and friends are trying to push him to go out and meet someone, etc.

    Don't take it to heart, he could be trying to please family that he's moving on, or he is using the kid and family to start up a love/hate with ex, or he's looking to use you for something else. If this was the first time you are learning about the child, then there is something not right with that.

    He should have discussed his ex and child, then asked how you felt about meeting his family and child. This could have allowed you to decline if it would make it too soon, too uncomfortable, or a deal breaker (like if you don't want an ex/child in the picture). Just dropping the bomb on you and expecting you to decide what he means about it, is not cool! He should respect that, but he didn't. Not cool.

    He's gonna keep doing this, and by this I mean, not sharing really important things and then just letting you find it out on your own (ie. tom catting, alcoholism, drug habits, illegitimate children, debt, just need sex, etc)

    He already has child support payments, and other obligations, he could be seeing two or three other girls besides you saying "sorry I have to watch my 4th grader, have to pick them up, have to take them to etc,etc,etc," You might like him, but you don't really know him at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    I cant answer for all guys but most guys I know would not bring every woman they date to meet there family. Maybe a sibling or mom or dad but not kids. He must really think you are some one very special. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Lydia
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Men, as well as women, shouldn't be bringing their bf or gf around their kids until it is something very serious. Otherwise, just a series of "aunts" and "uncles" end up getting paraded before the kids, and if they get attached, that is not good.

  • 5 years ago

    you desire expert help. you progression in with some guy you somewhat comprehend then you discover out chit he ought to have informed you approximately earlier shifting you in. after which you purchase his bs. and that's what it somewhat is. and then he out and out tells you he does no longer marry you. which potential you're somewhat azz. and you think of getting pregnant is a sturdy concept or you does no longer be having unprotected intercourse. and whether you do get pg, he won't marry you via fact he's married. and not making plans on getting divorced. If he grew to become into, he could have already filed. Then he hides you like the grimy little secret and you nonetheless shag him. you need to the two awaken or improve up. Your dating is headed no the place and you need to finally end up pregnant with a toddler he won't look after. via fact he of course would not look after his lifestyles. Or he could be divorced already. And he could have been engaged on custody of his toddler fairly being out screwing around. and you do no longer marry somebody to learn custody of your toddler, yet another lie which you purchase. Dang. I desire I had some thing to sell you for a million greenbacks. you could in all possibility purchase that too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alright not many guys will let there child meet you because a child gets attached to easy so it sounds like he is wanting a relationship out of you.

  • dad
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Well yes i do .How would i know if she or the kids are going to get along . Slow down its just a test of many that doesn't mean he wants you as the kids knew mom so you don't have to run .

  • Jess
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    If a man brings his casual dating partner to share family time, it is a good sign. But I also think referring to yourself as a chick is unflattering. Get a better self-image, please.

  • 1 decade ago

    Baby doll, you are on the fast trac, it's cool mama....he digs you.

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