How do i aceess air filter on 01 yzfR6?

im wanting to access air filter on my 2001 R6 to check if i have KN filter already installed(just bought) is it worth buying kn filter also?

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    1 decade ago
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    should be under the tank. you'll have to remove your seat and the front bolt holding the tank down (front of tank, next to neck of frame) and the tank will hinge up toward the rear of the bike. it will also be enclosed in a hard to remove plastic case. they are not easy to get at and take a pretty good set of tools to not cause any damage. don't pull the tank though, that's even more difficult.

    as for the k&n question, i use them, and love them, but they are pricey. work well if you have a lot of dust in the air as well, since paper filters will get used up faster.

    BMC is another reusable alternative as well.

  • 4 years ago

    Cabin filter is inside and the air filter under the hood. I am not aware of a cabin filter being factory installed in your Cavalier.

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