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    The person who have already flown phobia usually is because of ever at fly of the period had displeased of experience, and started frightened flight.Seem just the situation in the film.They would to narrow and small of the unsteady current of air in the space, flight special sensitive, even will have no reason of the creation fears very greatly.Although the heart knows very much the oneself is very safe, such frightened don't need to want to be not reasonable also, is can't get away from this to fear difficult to expressly.

    They at on sitting and willing seeming to be to sit to sign difficult Anne up the airplane, the body is uncomfortable, may take place of the condition of illness have:The dyspnea or asphyxiation, whole body emit sweat, heart palpitates or increase heart beats, the body shiver, or the body hear order not etc..Compare with landings, will fear a take-off more.

    In fact at 911 after, fear to take the airplane, also have a person who fly the phobia, average each six people in the middle, have one person.The reason that fears to take the airplane is a lot of persons to worry, in case that take place condition, a major flock of person pushes and wills has no and cans escape in aly the narrowness of the space.

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    Have people , flight of neurosis is it had unhappy experience during this time to be flown once usually, and begin to fear to fly. It is just like a situation in the film just now. They will be very sensitive to the unstable air current in narrow and small space , flight, there will even not be very great fear of formulation of the reason. Though know oneself very much and to be very safe in the heart, such fear is unnecessary to be unreasonable, but can not get rid of this baffled fear.

    It is being difficult to fit to will seem to sit and stand that they are taking the plane , uncomfortable, the symptom that may take place has: Have difficulty in breathing or suffocate , sweat all over, the palpitation or palpitating quickly , health trembling , or health are not obedient,etc.. Compared with landing , will fear to take off even more.

    In fact afraid of going by air after 911, that is to say the person with the flight neurosis, among the average every six people , there is a person. The reason which fears the putting up machine is that a lot of people are anxious, in case the state take place, large numbers of people will have no place to escape to crowd in a narrow and small space. 希望這是能用的

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