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What version of vista is similar to What I'm running now?

I think I'm going to get vista I was going to wait 6 months but I'm to Inpatient anyway I am running XP professional (2003) X64 and I want to stick with the 64 bit operating system so what version of vista matches what I have the best.

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    vista ultimate because it's the only one with a 32 bit dvd and 64 bit dvd in one box. with other versions, you have to request microsoft for a 65 bit dvd for a fee

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    Business = Xp Pro, but buy 64 bit Vista Business

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe the closest to XP Pro is Vista Business.

    but you can check out the different flavors here:

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    Home premium or Ultimate. For the features you have now and the Security that are not available in the lower versions.

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