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How did the titans do in the 2007 draft?

we got michael griffin.paul williams and chris henry what grade would youns give the titans?

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    The Titans surprised everyone by taking Texas safety Michael Griffin in the first round. Griffin, a converted high school running back, led Texas in tackles last season from the free safety position and figures to be a productive pro. However, Arizona RB Chris Henry was a reach, considering he started only six games in college and is leaving after his junior season. Henry did run a 4.4 40-yard dash at 233-pounds and that's what got scouts buzzing. But his lack of production at the college level must be a concern; either that or Jeff Fisher is really bummed about spending a second-round pick on LenDale White last year. Fresno State receiver Paul Williams was excellent value in the third round. He only started five games this past season due to injuries, but averaged 17 yards a catch as a junior. He is the brother from former No. 1 pick J.D. Williams of the Buffalo Bills. WR Joel Filani caught 23 TD passes at Texas Tech, but ran only a 4.7 40-yard dash and that's why he dropped to the sixth round. Grade: C

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    Tennessee Titans: This is a pretty iffy draft. Michael Griffin is a terrific strong safety, which the Titans need, but taking strong safeties in the first round is not always a great value choice. Chris Henry's selection in the second round is a big indictment of running back LenDale White, the team's second-round pick from last year who weighed in at more than 260 pounds earlier this offseason. That said, Henry may be more of a workout guy than a true player. The rest of the guys in this group are pretty low-potential players. Wide receiver Paul Williams is an example of a pure speed guy that the Titans love to draft, yet rarely develops into a great player.

    Grade: D

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    F - Griffin is a safety they are already loaded with safeties, Chris Henry is a reach, they didn't address their two biggest needs at all - WR and CB. The D was poor last year and drafting one safety won't improve it much. Looks like Young will be on his own again on the O, no OL help, no WR help, little RB help. Will be a tough year for the Titans - 6-10

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    griffin is a hard hitter, but not that great in coverage- B+

    williams is a burner, but hes just fast. no hands, no skill- D

    henry wowed everyone at the combine, but its yet to be seen whether it'll translate onto the field- B+

    they didnt get a cornerback, which is what they need horribly after pacman's incidents, which drops their draft grade in my book from a B to a D. they could have done much better.

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    I think it can be summed up in one word. Reached. They reached at every pick in their draft. I see it as a C+ and I think they regret letting Robert Meachum go at 19th overall.

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    They did better than alot of teams. B+

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