What do you think about LSD(and other hallucinogens, as well)broadening and opening the mind?

I would like your opinion on this....personally I believe that hallucinogens open the mind and deepen the thoughts.

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    1 decade ago
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    its amazing how many people think hallucinogens kill brain cells. alcohol kills brain cells left and right but not one has a problem with that.

    first of all there is lsd not a neurotoxin. ergot is, but lsd is a derivative, obviously if it were a neurotoxin we'd be seeing the same effects as ergot poisoning

    secondly "expanding the mind" is a very subjective term

    if you mean by rearranging and increasing the number of neural connections (which is not along term effect unless one takes too much) then yes.

    the maharji once took lsd and said he felt nothing, this was because he had already reached spiritual enlightenment.

    lsd has been shown to mimic trancendent states of spiritual practitioners, so in this way yes the drug could "open your mind" but it could also show you things you'd never want to see

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    Well, drugs and hallucinogens have indeed been used for just those purposes... but it is risky. And that was quite an understatement.

    Drugs are not safe to be messing with. Also, what you are talking about is using them as a shortcut to wisdom. Well, that doesn't work. Sorry. You can use a hallucinogen but how do you tell what is real and what is a hallucination? Yet careful pondering and consideration, coupled with an attempt to understand the world and existence, will bring far more than any drug, and without the rather scary price tag.

    And opening the mind on your own is a million times more rewarding than prying it open with drugs. Especially since you can keep your reason and logic without drugs.

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    Yes, I think LSD can broaden your mind.

    Unfortunately, I would far rather it broadened someone else's mind while mine stays protected.

    The mind is a delicate thing, and I'm sure there is only a certain amount of broadening it can take. Accidentally leaping off buildings is one of the reasons I don't think hallucinogens are a good idea. But negative or positive, I'm sure it stretches the imagination.

    Many highly creative thinkers have been a bit crazy, this may have been to the benefit of society so LCD might too - but it might be at personal cost.

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    I grew up in the 60s when lots of folks thought that drugs like this were very cool and very helpful for opening the mind. I felt then, and feel the same way now, that these hallucinogenic things are exceedingly dangerous for the REST of your life. Some most unfortunate results of gambling on your particular good luck can be found on just about any street corner in any city in nearly any country in this world. We have so many real challenges on this planet, at every turn, which absolutely must be met with some very sane and unlimited and very accurate thinking, that to handicap yourself mentally by using dangerous, often even occasionally fatal chemicals flies in the face of rational thinking, by anyone's definition. If you really want to open your mind, go deeply inwards and just LISTEN to all of the incredible wisdom you will absolutely find there whispering very quietly, 24/7. You do not need anything to take or snort or ingest to find true wisdom and awareness, honest to goodness; It is already there if you will just listen a little bit harder.

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    1 decade ago

    Have you heard of Timothy Leary, the Harvard educator, whose name was very intimately associated with LSD; or Aldous Huxley, the guy who took 'mescaline', a hallucinogen, and wrote 'The doors of perception'?

    They (hallucinogens) do open up doors. They do it for a price. There are explanations about how they do it. But they are too risky, so don't try them.

    You may read the link for a self brewed explanation, a bit long though!


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    It can be great. And, very temporary. When the drug(s) wear off, you are left feeling empty, and depressed. What made perfect sence and felt so important and brilliant when you were on something powerful, lacks the intensity or logic in the real world. I left those drugs behind a few years ago, upon having my first child, but i miss those amazing ideas, and connections. I believe that i can know begin to have those same experiences, while sober - through yoga, meditation, chat, kirtan, drumming. It has a similar effect. Separating ego from our true souls and the truth of the world and a higher power.

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    If you want to take drugs, educate yourself on safe dosage, side effects, and legal implications, your local doctor can provide information. Provided you enjoy yourself, retain quality of life and harm no other person then I have no issue with your conduct, but I cant answer for the law. You are responsible for the choices you make.

    As far as opening the mind is concerned, you would be better to take a short course in problem solving or critical thinking as this will provide you with recognized life long portable skills. Drug use will only provide temporary random insight which is not very useful. Government agencies and corporations have no interest in those who take drugs for good reason, it reduces productivity.

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    I don`t think so. I think the only useful thing that really broadens the mind is self confidence. And it goes like this: the more you acquire confidence, the more you win. And if you fail, you will try again and again because you know everything depends on you and on your own experiences and not on those artificial drugs, which will probably make you suffer from many diseases and they could affect your mood as well as your personality. Squizophrenia is one of the diseases that may be caused by LSD.

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    seriously, hallucinogens have been used since ancient times by tribal civilizations for this very purpose. it's all about getting back to our tribal roots. I would not suggest that you take any of the present day hallucinogens to achieve that same results as out tribal ancestors, that stuff is so far from its roots that they will literally kill you.

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    drugs are a temporary source of all different types of broadening experiences....but in the long haul you unbalance the natural chemicals in your brain....and you stop being happy naturally, or enlightened naturally...sooner or later a depressive state will become the life you know as you no longer have the natural resources from your brain - either that or you do become a junkie, or both...looking for that happiness or enlightenment for just even a moment again...

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