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Who is the best fantasy baseball pitcher you can have on your team???

I want to know who the best fantasy baseball pitcher is because my team is struggling to move up in the standings because my pitching staff is horrible.

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    Johan Santana, period. He always struggles early, but will rack up K's and when he gets on a roll, which he does each year, he is easily the most dominant pitcher in baseball. He'll lead the league in K's, and top 3 in wins, WHIP, and ERA. But if you are looking to trade he will cost to much. Try to get a struggling Bedard (he has lots of talent) or Bonderman who has pitched well, but hasn't got any help from his team yet so you can't tell from the W column.

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    Johan Santana

    Roy Oswalt

    Jake Peavy

    Roy Halladay

    Brandon Webb

    Rich Hill

    Josh Beckett

    John Maine

    Dontrelle Willis

    John Lackey

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    Lilly for valuable. He constantly seems to maintain his team in the working for a W and he gets stable ok's. Hernandez has been pitching fantastically lots and Palmer is due for a bad day out. i be conscious of the Angels like seeing Felix however the interest is in Seattle that is definately a pitchers park. Hamels has been pitching lots extra perfect his final 2 starts and his WHIP and era are astonishing against the Reds. rattling it is stressful. are you able to not placed Hernandez in a single of you "P" spots and initiate all 3? i be conscious of that Cincy's park is a hitters park yet Hamels is going nicely and has had their style. in case you won't be able to initiate extra suitable than 2 pitchers in an afternoon i could flow with Lilly and Hamels.

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    johan santana but jake peavy, brandon webb, & john lackey are good pitchers. For RP it is probably Joe Nathan

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    Carlos Zambrano!

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    Jake Peavy or CC Sabietha

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    its not that easy.

    depends on the rest of your staff and what categories youre short on. (Ks, ERA, wins, etc...) also depends on your opponent this week.

    and that answer is ever changing

    look on waivers for james shields, suppan, marquis, lincecum, gorzelanny, matt morris.

    one guy may not always be the answer.

    looking for a cheap stud to trade for though? rich hill, hamels, matt cain, derek lowe, lackey


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    John Maine and Tim Hudson. everyone thinks santana, but these guys have the best stats. nobody's hurd of huson, so he might be a Fa.

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    4 SP its John Maine (NYM - SP)

    and 4 RP its Al Reyes (TB - RP)

    Source(s): We Takin Over
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