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If I submit a lowball offer on a house, will the seller or the owner take it as offensive & try to retaliate?

What kind of actions could he/she take to retaliate against me?

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    They can simply sell the house to someone else. You would have to ask yourself also if you are seeking 300k for your house and someone offered you 250k how would you feel and deep down inside you know you need 270 to pay off you note and hopefully walk away with 30k if it sold for 300k? Someone offers you 250k how would you feel, and you had your house on the market for awhile, yeah you would be like ohh we have an offer but we are being lowballed, and you would kindly accept more offers to pay off you 270 with a little bit of profit. I hope that I was helpful good luck

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    There are three responses to an offer:

    1. Yes

    2. No without a counter offer

    3. No, with a counter offer.

    Will some sellers be offended by a low offer, yes. If you only want to buy it at the low ball price, who cares?

    The tricky part is if you really want the house. In that case if you offend(and people are emotional about their homes), the seller might retaliate by closing off any opportunity for a deal, like the attorney above.

    Other than that, you're clear.

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    The only retaliation they exact on you would be to say NO to your offer. There is nothing to lose if you submit a low offer. Of course, you should have some data to back you up, like "days on market" to indicate that the owners might be desperate to sell and therefore would be willing to accept an offer.

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    The only kind of retaliation they could take is an assault, and it would be really hard to predict that. Besides, you don't even have to be there to make the offer. Put it in writing and submit through your agent. More than likely, the worst thing that will happen is he says no while laughing in your face.

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    That depends on a few things. If the seller is a builder, they might not take it personally - and it might not hurt your chances of getting the house at a reasonable price.

    If the seller lives in the house, they may take it personally. The worst (short of violence) that could happen is the seller can say that you cannot have the house "at any price".

    I listed a house for an attorney (calm, cool, collected, unemotional, detached - that's how he described himself). We got an offer in from a buyer at about 83% of the list price. He quickly lost his calm, cool unemotional perspective on selling his house. He instructed me to inform the buyers agent that no offer below full price with this guy's name on it would be presented. He told me that if he offered even ONE DOLLAR below full price, to not even tell him about it.

    Be sure that if you're going to make a low ball offer you can live with not getting to buy the house at all.

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    Don't worry about it.

    I am a builder and typically get offers all over the board.

    Most of the time it depends on how much the seller wants to get rid of the house and what the housing market is doing at the time.

    Make the offer. It's called negotiation.

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    I heard on a local news where seller got arrested when he tried to kill a potential buyer with an ax. His motive was that he got offended when the potential buyer submitted an offer 60% below the asking price. It was later found that the seller with the ax had a pre-existing mental problem.

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    Submit your low offer, if they take it then there must be serious problems with the house. I would be worried. The worst they can do is ignore your offer, say no, or counteroffer.

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    The seller will not know who you are. I make VERY low offers, and no threats.

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    they will just not counter, and maybe will not even thinking about taking another offer unless it is list price

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