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Spain holiday...?

Is there any body who was in any part of spain which has really nice beach,bar,hotels,shops and quite area???

I am planning to go there with my girl friend and I am looking for really good place.


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    I lived in "Puerto de Mazarron" Murcia for 18 months, lots of lovely beaches, cafes, bars etc, not a big club scene though as its quite small and very spanish. Plenty of properties to rent, just type in "Puerto de Mazarron" on computer and lots of stuff will come up..

    Check it out on "Google Earth" there are quite a few photos on there. It`s about 45 mins drive from Murcia (San Javier) airport, car hire available.

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    Maybe stay around Nerja (NAIR-KA)

    You can fly into malaga & travel East for apx 45mins (taxi costs £30) The beaches are gorgeous, the small twn centre has a 'square' of bars which is really cool & is quite vibrant - however its mainly German & that gives a really nice layed back atmosphere & iv never seen any trouble there.

    I bought an apartment in Nerja 5yrs ago & love both the summers & winters for its easy access & Spanish lifestyle with a jolly German atmos

    If you want quiet stay well away from english dominaed areas like going West of Malaga - its horrible!!

    (24yr old)

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    We flew into Malaga and stayed in Algarrobo Costa just a few miles west of Nerja and from either place you can find fun things to do. Along the coast are many bars and there are markets to shop in every day (they move around to different places on specific days). The beaches are quiet in the small fishing villages like Algarrobo and are very beautiful. Try Paradores in Nerja.

    Source(s): Was there for 19 days in 2005.
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    I recommend you Ibiza. It's great both for partying (although a bit crazy .. depends on your preferences ;) and for relaxing. The beaches are the best ones in Spain, in my opinion. Go to calas (creeks) they are marvelous! and you can party 24 hours... even at some beaches. You can also find all kind of shops and the old village is beautiful. Chill out places are great too. And you also have Café del Mar, famous for its sunsets and its music. It's amazing and you have a lot of fun!

    Here are some links if you want to check out:




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    I live near Campello, which has lovely sandy beaches, is fairly quite with plenty of shops and is about 30 mins from Alicante to the north on the Costa Blanca, and has lots of history in the surrounding areas

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    Barcelona - the streets of Barcelona are alive by day or night, providing the visitor with a safe place for strolling around, whether for shopping, eating or simply passing the time of day. There is also 1 mile long city beach with clean soft sand, ideal for sun bathing.

    See http://www.spain4uk.co.uk/places/barcelona.htm for more details

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    There are the obvious Palma and Minorca (Marron) which are great... but my favorite Spain city is Malaga. Amazing city, friendly people, birthplace of Picasso.

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    Barcelona is beautiful, cosmopolitan (with excellent culture, food and shopping) and quite unlike the rest of Spain. About 45 minutes away by train there is beach town called Sitches (sp? - pronounced "see-chez") that is also quite enjoyable with huge, smooth, sandy beaches.

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    Try Javea, Costa Blanca, between Alicante & Valencia airports.

    It has a port area, which is full of local life, lovely cobbled beach, lots of bars, restaurants, hotels, shops etc.

    The Arenal, with it's huge sandy beach is more popular with tourists. It has loads of the above mentioned attractions, plus market each evening along the front.

    I love it there, and have been dozens of times. It remains uncommercialised, which is one of the attractions.

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