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Funny Scenes In Big Daddy & Happy Gilmore?

List all the funny scenes or parts that you know of in Big Daddy and Happy Gilmore.


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    Happy has to play the game he fears the most - golf.

    Happy joins the pro tour, but comes in last place in the first round he participates in.

    Happy falls down with Bob, saying, "I think you've had enough."

    When he sees Happy getting up, he kicks him in the face, knocking him out, and says: "Now you've had enough...*****!"

    At the end of the tournament, crazed fans climb the TV tower to get a look at Happy's swing, but the tower collapses right between him and the hole.


    Sonny comes to love the boy and wants to keep him. He presents himself as Kevin Gerrity, his roommate, to NYC Social Services, so that he can keep the child.

    After a meeting with Julian's teacher, and being told that Julian is not only lacking hygiene but is exhibiting odd behavior,

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    My favorite scene with Steve was in Trees Lounge when Tommy is talking to Theresa after she has the baby. You can see every emotion pass through his face. It hurts. It's okay. BQ3- Shaun of the Dead- Wonderful Titanic- Loved it. 28 Weeks Later- Not as good as 29 Days Later but interesting BQ5- 214 days until The Hobbit BQ6- The Wedding Singer

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    Big Daddy , when Adam was talking and the kid repeat after him and he said very difficult words the kid silence and look funny.

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    Adam Sandler fighting with Bob Barker.

    'Nuff said.

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    big daddy- urinating on the wall and the ladies are wathcing them XD

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    That would take a while to do.

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