Lemon Lime & Bitters Recipe ( Non - alcoholic Drink)?

My partner is trying to make Lemon Lime and Bitters at home and is trying to make it in a way that prevents the ingredients mixing completely. He's tried a couple of different things and they are still mixing. He's ordered a few from clubs etc and the bitters sit at the bottom without mixing with the lemonade. Are there any bar tenders or someone who can make them who can help him please?

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  • chilly
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    1 decade ago
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    what you do is get a little bit of anagostic bitters, put it just inside the lip of the glass and swirl it around the cup, (rolling the glass in your hands so it swirls around the sides of the glass - not on the bottom).

    half fill the glass with lemonade.

    pour lime cordial and lemonade (at the same time) into the glass to top it off.

    and you will have an evenly mixed drink.

    enjoy xx

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  • 1 decade ago

    By using the backside of a tablespoon, hold the spoon downward toward (as close as you can get) to the wall of the beverage glass. Slowly pour the liquid over the backside of the spoon as it runs next to the wall of the glass. The wall of the glass and the beverages should not mix. You want to use this technique to layer, when utilizing more than one liquid. Good luck...

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  • 4 years ago

    Make your own cherry coke by adding cherries (canned or jarred) with a little of the juice to a glass of coke.It is soooo good and was very popular years ago.Have a great party.Its nice to see kids having fun without trying to get high.Take care

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