help with girl in middle school?

ok this is going to be long I am 14 and in 8th grade and I have like a girl for 3 years. I will start from when it first started in 6th grade. in 6th grade i was very shy when it comes to girls but i'm a romantic guy (in secret) so I met a girl and started to get to know her the thing that started me liking her was her smile and then her personality the only class we had together was band and lunch. so in band i would always be destacted(but i was still the best in class) well on valentines day I put a fake flower on her desk (so no one would know it was me) but one of her friends saw me and tolled her so she knew i liked her and she carried that flower around all day and for the next 2 years i did small things to show that i still like her but the I transfered to the school next to hers and for the past year not one day goes by that i dont think about her at least once and i still do small things to show that i still like her i know she likes somone else i still see her one a mounth


we will be in high school together

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    hi im 18 and of course a girl. it can be hard sometimes when u like a person and are not with them. it is all up to you, but, if i were in your position, i would tell her. it always feels good to know that someone likes you. plus you have liked her for a while, right, and she knows that, right? that would make me feel special if someone were to tell me that they have liked me for a few years. like i said, it is all up to you. i cant tell you what to do. i hope that my advise is helpful and i wish you the best of luck. and just remember, the best thing to do, is what feels right. if your heart says yes, then go for it. i wish u all the best of luck and have fun in high school.

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    That's a pretty long history for someone who is so shy. You sound like a sweet guy. Maybe when you're in high school with her you can start talking to her -- you know, ask questions about her to her face, like "what did you do last summer?" or "what do you like to do after school?" so you can start being friends with her. Once you've established the friendship, you'll get a better clue about how she feels about you. Friendship often leads to something more. However, sometimes the little "spark" isn't there yet, so keep the friendship because who knows what will happen tomorrow?

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    My advice: keep on truckin' dont worry about this other guy she likes... jus worry about showing her how u feel and maybe, if u can get the courage, ask her out! on a date... You are going into highschool, and wat i've learned from experiences is that girls do not really like to wait.. so the reason she probably likes this other guy is because ur too slow, in coming around.... so if u really like her, u will gain the courage to talk to her outside of jus band class, and ask her to go do something with u ie. see a movie or go to the mall...

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    Why don't you just call her and see how she's doing, see if she's interested in going...wherever you kids hang out these days...and see how it goes. She just might be crushing on you too!!

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    Oh, sorry man, I fell alseep after the eigth sentence. What was your question?

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    keep it up.

    girls love it when you put them on a pedestal and treat them like that.

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    concentrate on your school work. you're only 14 for god sakes!!

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