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HELP!! there are flies coming out from the bath tub drain

there are flies coming out from the drain everyday, lie 5 to 15, so disgusting!! please HELP!

i wanna know what caused it?

how can I fix it?

and how much does it cost to fix it??

thank you very much for your help

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    Drain Flies also known as moth flies and sewer flies are occasional problems in homes, emerging from sink drains, especially in the springtime. These small mothlike flies look similar to fruit flies, but they do not have red eyes. Drain flies develop by feeding on bacteria and organic materials that can colonize the gelatinous material that lines drains. Large numbers of these flies can also be produced where there is a problem with broken or leaking pipes. Infestations may also be coming from overflow in a kitchen or bathroom drain or from a garbage disposal.

    Control: Drain flies, which develop on the gelatin-like coating that forms in drains and pipes, are best eliminated by removing the gelatinous slime on the inside of the pipes. Because drain cleaners may give variable results, manual cleaning may be required. Pouring boiling water down the drain to loosen the gelatinous slime may be useful. In addition, leaks in pipes that allow seepage and breeding sources should be fixed.

    ~~ If wet conditions from plumbing leaks are permitting fly breeding, correct plumbing problems. To control flies coming out of drains, thoroughly clean pipes out, removing the gelatinous crud that builds up on the inside of pipes. (Do not forget to clean out the garbage disposal.) To help loosen the gelatinous crud, pouring boiling water down the drain may also be helpful. Never pour insecticides down the drain!

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