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簡單講述MR.BEAN 真人 既為人"...

簡單講述MR.BEAN 真人 既為人"...abt 百幾字..唔該哂=]"....




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    發問者是想問Mr.Bean的真人,不是Mr.Bean .

    To questioner,

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    Here's the article adapted by me. It is not just a full copy-and-paste work. I base on several sources to write this article. Here's my reference:

        How I see Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Mr. Bean)

    Anyone knows the name Mr.Bean. But what is the name who acts this character? The real person of Mr.Bean is called Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. He is born on 6 January 1955. He is an English comedian, actor and writer.

    He is active at policy. He was joined by the newspaper columnist Joan Smith, officials from Christian groups, the Barnabas Fund, the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship and politicians from the three main parties.

    He likes comedy. He loves to make jokes. He believes that there should be no subject about which you cannot make jokes. In June 2005, Atkinson led a coalition of the UK's most prominent actors and writers, including Nicholas Hytner and Ian McEwan, to the British Parliament in an attempt to force a review of the controversial Racial and Religious Hatred Bill.

    Rowan Atkinson defended the right of comedians to poke fun at other people's religion last night as he joined the campaign against Government plans to create a new offence of incitement to religious hatred. In addition, stopping the right to criticise other religions would end centuries of tolerance and could stoke tensions between religious groups rather than ease them.

    It would also threaten the livelihoods of all those whose job it is "to question, to analyse and to satirise". These included authors, academics, writers, actors, politicians and comedians.

    He believes that criticising a person for their race is manifestly irrational and ridiculous but to criticise their religion - that is a right. That is a freedom. The freedom to criticise ideas - any ideas even if they are sincerely held beliefs - is one of the fundamental freedoms of society.

    Regarding Atkinson's comedy style, Atkinson was a stutterer as a child, a condition which sometimes returns when he is in stressful situations. In particular, the letter "B" posed a problem for him. He managed to overcome this through over-articulation; however, this evolved into one of his trademark comic devices (his pronunciation of "Bob" in Blackadder being a famous example). His other trademark is his Received Pronunciation (RP) British accent.

    Atkinson's comedy style, which is rigorously planned and scripted — partly to ensure his stress and stutter is minimised — is often visually-based. It results in comedy as performance — like Charlie Chaplin — rather than as observation or discussion, as many of the routines of the time were. Atkinson's talent for visual comedy has seen him described as "the man with the rubber face".

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    【大紀元訊】據英國《Female First》雜誌稱,英著名喜劇明星憨豆先生要將恐怖主義大魔頭本.拉登搬上螢幕大造笑料。


    憨豆先生的原名是路雲雅堅遜(Rowan Atkinson),曾因出演《Mr. Bean》而成為億萬觀眾喜愛的喜劇明星。當很多人都認為扮演拉登是一項非常危險的工作時,他卻認為這位恐怖主義者身上有很多的喜劇元素,「全世界都在找他,他躲藏的過程中有許多笑料可以挖掘」,「比如他在哪兒?在幹甚麼?早餐吃甚麼?拉登多年前曾在倫敦住過,我最近就遇見了一位當時認識拉登的人。拉登通常會在晚餐時和他會面。想想看,如果讓拉登在肯辛頓宮(英皇室宅第)舉辦場晚宴,那肯定會很有意思。」


    另外,第二次被搬上大屏幕的系列喜劇《戇豆放大假》 (Mr Bean's Holiday)日前在倫敦公映。雖然這部影片在北美地區的上映時間定為暑期檔,但歐洲影迷們本週即將先睹為快。為了宣傳新片,52歲的路雲雅堅遜近日馬不停蹄地輾轉於馬德里、柏林等歐洲各大城市之間。◇

    The English comedy 笑匠 "gruff bean gentleman" wants to move Radden to come on stage Gruff bean gentleman believed that, can let sorcerer Radden suppose the evening banquet in the Kensington palace is stirs smiles the theme. (Great era) [ Great era news ] "Female First" the magazine stated according to England that, English renowned comedy star gruff bean gentleman wants to move terrorism big sorcerer this. Radden the firefly curtain greatly to make the laughingstock. Invites Radden the evening banquet gruff bean gentleman's original name was Lu Yunya firmly abdicates (Rowan Atkinson) in "the Kensington palace", once because of played "Mr. Bean" to become the comedy star which trillion audiences liked. When very many people all thought when acts Radden is an extremely dangerous work, he actually thought on this terrorist body has the very many comedies element, "does the world all in look for him, in the process which he hides has many laughingstocks to be allowed to excavate", where "for instance him is at? What is doing? What does the breakfast eat? Radden many years ago once have lived in London, I recently met to know Radden at that time the person. Radden usually can when the supper and he meets with. Thinks to look, if lets Radden (English imperial family high official's residence) hold the field evening banquet in the Kensington palace, that definitely can be very interesting." Nonstop does propagandizes other, second time is moved large screen the series comedy "戇 Bean To put Paid annual leave" (Mr Bean's Holiday) to be shown to the public on the other day in London. Although this movie screens the time in the North America area to decide as the summer files, but European movie fans this week soon considers it a pleasure to be among the first to read. In order to propagandize the new piece, 52 year-old Lu Yunya firmly abdicated recently nonstop goes through many places between European each big city and so on Madrid, Berlin. ◇

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