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    The type of flower that I like the most is the cherry blossom or sakura.

    The cherry blossom is a well-known and ubiquitous symbol of Japan. It

    is highly resistant to cold weather.

    There is something special about this flower, and that is, each cherry tree has its own blooming period; flowers tend to bloom nearly at the same

    time every year, but if there is any delay, it won't be more than 7

    days. This can be referred to as the secret of the mother nature.

    In Taiwan, besides the YAN MIN mountain, there is also A-LI mountain that can offer a perfect flower viewing. The blooming period of the

    sakura is during March, which brings millions of visitors to flower


    恩~ 你寫ㄉ中文有點頭尾接不上 所以我有稍微幫你修整ㄌ一下囉!

    喔~對了~ 櫻花的英文是cherry blossoms 可是也可以用sakura.


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  • 韋成
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    1 decade ago

    The oriental cherry is the flower which I most likes, the oriental

    cherry is Japan's national flower, its resistance to cold is very

    strong, it has a very interesting characteristic, is each oriental

    cherry tree all has own "the florescence", but this florescence every

    year almost, if has the disparity, around does not surpass seven days,

    this may say is the nature mystery. In Taiwan besides the Yangming,

    Ali Mountain also has a gonorrhea snow white oriental cherry to be

    allowed to watch. Arrived in March every year is precisely the

    oriental cherry is in full bloom the time, brings many views the

    flowers the human tide.

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