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flaua asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Does anyone know which song MJ sings in Spidey 3?


Ok people! Re-writing: Mary Jane Watson, aka MJ is a "wannabe" actress and singer in Spider-man 3, meaning THE MOVIE!! Right? So, whoever has watched the movie and knows who is MJ and the song she performs in the beginning of the movie, please tell me. I know is sth related to love being wonderful because Peter Parker aka as the Spidey, pronounces "wonderful, wonderful" along with her. Lotsa thx!

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    Well, i saw the movie today, flaua. If i'm not wrong it's a song first recorded by Frank Sinatra "They Say It's Wonderful". Its a very nice song, as most of his... It's worth a download. Search for it on the emule. Good luck!

  • 88keys
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    1 decade ago

    As in Mary J. Blige, it doesn't appear she's on the soundtrack:

    1. Signal Fire - Snow Patrol

    2. Move Away - The Killers

    3. Sealings - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    4. Pleased to Meet You - Wolfmother

    5. Red River - The Walkmen

    6. Stay Free - Black Mountain

    7. Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love - The Flaming Lips

    8. Scared of Myself - Simon Dawes

    9. Twist - Chubby Checker

    10. Sightlines - Rogue Wave

    11. Summer Day

    12. Falling Star - Jet

    13. Portrait of a Summer Thief

    14. Letter from St. Jude

    15. Small Parts - The Oohlas

    Oh my bad. Haven't seen the third one yet of course.

    Mary J. Blige haha.

  • crash
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    1 decade ago

    It's an oldie called, "They Say Its Wonderful", and it was written by Irving Berlin for the musical, Annie Get Your Gun (1946). Perry Como made it a popular hit too. Here are some of the lyrics for you:

    They say that falling in love is wonderful

    It's wonderful, so they say

    And with the moon up above

    It's wonderful, it's wonderful, so they tell me!

    I can't recall who said it, I know I never read it

    I only know they tell me that love is grand, and

    The thing that's known as romance is wonderful

    Wonderful, in every way, so they say!

  • 1 decade ago

    The song she is singing when she's in the musical is called "They Say It's Wonderful" by Irving Berlin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    She sings two songs or one a half

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