Anybody have the Saturday schedule for the 10 Commandments marathon in Chicago?

Sunday schedule, too.

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    7:00 PM House Calls The First Day Issues -part 1 / Pr. John Lomacang and Pr. John Stanton

    8:00 PM It Is Written Lone Ranger Christianity / Pr. Shawn Boonstra

    8:30 PM Maranatha Mission Stories Maranatha Mission Stories /

    9:00 PM 3ABN Today Personal Testimony / Danny Shelton *, Robert and Cheryl Edward

    10:00 PM Everlasting Gospel Learning From The Kings Part 4: Pride, Power And Passion / Pr. Doug Batchelor

    11:00 PM In Search of the Truth The Ticket In / Pastor Charles Byrd

    11:30 PM Marriage in God's Hands Celebrating / Willie and Wilma Lee

    12:00 AM Faith Chapel Remember Lot's Wife / Gordon Kainer

    12:30 AM ASI Video Magazine Edgemont Video / Terrill's Bakery / Dan Houghton

    1:00 AM 3ABN Today The Shae Foundation / Danny Shelton *, Terry Benedict

    2:00 AM Mark of the Beast Mysteries The Beast Or The Lamb / Pr. Steve Wohlberg

    3:00 AM 3ABN On the Road The Land Of No Regrets - Worship Service / C.A. Murray

    4:00 AM Maranatha Mission Stories Maranatha Mission Stories /

    4:30 AM In The Footsteps of Paul The Macedonian Vision / Tony Moore

    5:00 AM Ten Commandments Day Marathon Commandment #4 - / Pastor Doug Batchelor

    6:00 AM His Words Are Life Luke 23:48 / Kelly Mowrer

    6:15 AM Back to Nature Nature And Music Video /

    6:30 AM Kids Time Praise Our Hope: Jesus, The Second Coming, Our Heavenly Home /

    7:00 AM Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Is Love / Linda Johnson

    7:30 AM Kids Time Caleb's Daughter / Brenda Walsh

    8:00 AM 3ABN Today The Shae Foundation / Danny Shelton *, Terry Benedict

    9:00 AM Live Specials Music /

    10:00 AM Live Specials Opening Overview / Dwight Nelson

    11:00 AM Live Specials Commandment # 1 / Walter Wright

    Source(s): Is this what you are looking for? Edit-- oh sorry! Im not from around there I just googled the words.
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    Saturday the run starts at the fountain in the park, heads south two blocks, then due east out into the lake. You run 20 miles on the water before turning back to land up by the Hancock Tower.

    Good luck!

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    Will there be a toll free hotline for psychiatric evaluation afterward for people that endure all that?

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