How to file a complaint again Toyota Car dealer?

Can anyone advise me how to file a complaint for a Toyota that I bought two years ago. I noticed the new car was hestitate to accelerate from time to time when we bought it two years ago. I took it back to the dealer few times and they could not find out the cause until recently they said it was something wrong with the transmission. They will fix it (still under warranty) but I am kind of upset. I want to take it to the corporate office level. Sincerely need your help. Thanks so much in advance

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    You can contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at (800) 331-4331 or by mail at:

    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

    19001 South Western Ave.

    Dept. WC11

    Torrance, CA 90501

    While Toyota would be more than happy to assist you if you had any complaint regarding the experience that you had at this dealership, you may have more success in obtaining a result more to your satisfaction by contacting the dealership directly and asking to deal with the customer service manager. Above all else, you will get the furthest, and the representatives will be more willing to work something out with you, if you state your complaints clearly, citing specific examples, and be reasonable in your expectations of the outcome.

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    Toyota Complaints

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    Friends be aware of Beachmont Toyota dealership in Cincinnati, OH. Their address is 8667 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255. I bought two cars from this dealership. I am writing about the recall notices I encountered with regard to these two vehicles. My recent experience was today, Sat Nov 5th. Toyota sent a recall notice on passenger airbag inflator module. After receiving the recall notice where Toyota clearly stated that the parts are now available with the dealership, I called the above dealership to make an appointment. It was not before 10 days they could put me in. The service specialist Kevin Wilmoth booked the appointment. They also sent me a reminder the day before. On the day I dropped the vehicle off at the dealership during the appointment. Kevin took charge of the vehicle and asked me about the number to call back when the vehicle was ready. Kevin called me back within 30 mins to say that the parts was on back order and would not be available for another month or so. He did not apologize for the inconvenience nor he expressed any regrets. His only answer was Toyota sends out 100s of recalls and they have no idea whether they have any parts. This is the one instance of so many other poor experience I had with the service department of this dealership. If there is any grade for negative customer satisfaction, this dealership s sales and service department should top it.Can somebody suggest what else should I do?

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How to file a complaint again Toyota Car dealer?

    Can anyone advise me how to file a complaint for a Toyota that I bought two years ago. I noticed the new car was hestitate to accelerate from time to time when we bought it two years ago. I took it back to the dealer few times and they could not find out the cause until recently they said it was...

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    Nothing can be worse then the Toyota dealers here in So Florida which is why I did not want to do another Toyota lease (3rd).. I have dealt with 4 different Toyota dealers in the So Florida & Central Florida regions & all are weak in the area of trustworthiness.. I have written complaint after complaint but Toyota does not participate in negotiations nor does it participate in the LemonLaw Complaints; found that out with my 2007 Corolla lemon..

    You would think at 73 I would know better & clearly told the current Toyota dealer I am dealing with I didn't want to do another lease with Toyota but I never got out of the dealership alive.. Got out with a dent in my checkbook & hungry after being there 7 hours.. They are all not trustworthy especially this dealership which other "senior ladies shopping alone" have said to me.. So IMOO stay away from Sun Toyota in Holiday Florida.. BTW my 2014 Corolla LE already has problems with only 480 miles on the odometer; went to the dealer (SunToyota) on Thursday 2/20 & they told me they would 'call' me on Monday 2/24 but to drive it with the engine dashboard light on.. Must have done their training online.. Sent an email to SE Toyota about both issues since they expect their payments on time monthly.. That's my story & I'm sticking to it..

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    Bill Wright Toyota Service

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    My name is Thomas W. Brown from Lynn Ma. and I would like everyone out there to know that the service department at the Atlantic Toyota dealership in Lynn Ma. is "Absolutely" the worst one that I ever had the misfortune to become acquainted with. I recently brought my new top of the line 2013 Avalon in because the roof liner was becoming loose around the moon roof area, no big deal right ? , as it turns out , it was and still is a very big deal ! While attaching the loose part of the liner a mechanic ( who shouldn't be in the cabin of a new car with white interior to begin with )( after being there twice to fix ,what I originally thought was a small problem), got adhesive stuck on the inside of the liner, brought it back twice again while they tried to clean it off , couldn't clean it off so now they had to replace the whole liner, after they replaced the WHOLE liner they tangled up the drivers side seatbelt and broke the passenger side visor, brought it back again, fixed the seatbelt , couldn't fix the visor so they sent out for a whole new one, brought it back for that to be installed and of course they messed it up and now have to send out for a clip to cover the screw hole that they lost , did I mention how dirty the car was after each of these time consuming, frustrating visits ? Bottom line, I will never buy another car from them nor will all of my friends and family members !!! by the way, this was my second car from this dealership ( 2005 Camry ) Too bad, because Toyota makes a nice car !

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    Bought this car new in August of 2014

    Have taken my 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid in three times for road wind noise coming through the passenger side door, the 2nd visit (a return of the first visit) they replaced the passenger side mirror. That did not fix the problem.

    I just got news today that the noise is normal and that no repair would be done, that I have 3 years or 30,000 mile factory warranty. (so what if you wont fix it).

    Both the technician and the service writer heard the noise and refuse to make the repair.

    I am told they will not fix or warranty the wind noise.

    WTF is the warranty for?

    I get about 33 mpg (national average is about 37 ish) Bill Wright Toyota service department told me to run only Chevron regular gas with techron, I did as they instructed, I now get 33 mpg, (nothing changed) I get worse mileage when I drive in town. again I am told that I have to run several tanks of this gas through the car to get the mileage that Toyota promised.

    What else weren't we told?

    So Let me see if I have this clear.

    1) buy a new car and its normal for wind noise to come through the passenger door

    2) I can only run a certain brand of gasoline in this car, and I have to run several tanks through it to get below the advertised gas mileage.

    Great Job Toyota!

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    Look on line for the address of Toyota North America or North American and write the letter there to the attention of consumer affairs. Quite honestly though they will probably not do a lot. The dealership is fixing your vehicle now that they are able to ascertain the problem. That is, unless they were rude to you in those earlier visits or something like that. When problems come and go like that it is hard for mechanics to find problems some times.

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    I recently purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from Mike Erdman in Merritt Island, FL. The car was supposed to have undergone a 125 point inspection guaranteed in writing. I wish I could post the photograph of the condition of the battery inside my corolla. After just 6 weeks of purchase, my car would not start and was forced to call roadside assistance. When the tow truck arrived and looked under the hood, he could not believe how bad the battery looked. I had to go to the nearest AutoZone and purchase a new battery. Two weeks later my front brakes started scraping really bad while driving in the city. I take it to the nearest Meineke shop, and was told that my brakes needed to be replaced and that the pads were completely done. I have asked the staff at Mike Erdman to reimburse me the cost of just the battery and the brakes (minus the labor from the other shop) all in all, $330. They simply refuse to do so and do not acknowledge any wrong doing. They want to give me credit on future service. I will not bring my car to them for any future service, as they have demonstrated to be unreliable. Stay away from them.

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