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What do I need on my Fantasy Baseball team...........?

Check out my team below......tell me what you think needs improved. I am in a 12 Team Roto Keeper League. Currently in 4th Place.

C - Jason Varitek

1B - Jeremy Giambi

2B - Brian Roberts

3B - Chipper Jones

SS - Johnny Peralta

OF - Ichiro Suzuki

OF - Torii Hunter

OF - Alfonso Soriano

Utl - Travis Hafner

Bn - Ryan Freel

Bn - Ken Griffey Jr.

Bn - Scott Podsednik **DL

SP - CC Sabathia

SP - Jake Westbrook

SP - Mark Buerhle

SP - Jose Contreras

SP - Barry Zito

SP - Jason Marquis

SP - Kevin Millwood

SP - Jeff Suppan

RP - Solomon Torres

RP - Todd Jones

RP - Bob Wickman **DL

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    If this is a keeper league - it needs a little work. Let's start with starting pitching. All soft tossers - no true power pitchers so you have no major strikeout guy with the exception of Sabathia. All three of your closers are past prime and could be supplanted before season's end. I would NOT invest a keeper pick in a closer. 33% of all closers lose their jobs as the season progresses - It's just too volitaile a position. Also starting pitching can vary from season to season and they tend to suffer more injuries than the norm - I would not invest a keeper in any pitcher unless it was Johan Santana-esque.

    Now for the line-up. I'm not a Pds fan him being a one category guy with a terrible OPS percentile. By looking - I'd say Soriano, Hafner and Ichiro are your keepers and possibly Roberts - anyone else is marginal.

    I personally would start building for next season if I had this roster. I would look to acquire Mauer. A young catcher to replace Varitek. I'd also look to get an upgrade at 3B and SS. Chipper is in the downside of his career and is constantly injured. For SS - JJ Hardy might not be a bad investment or even Mike Young, Stephen Drew or Rafael Furcal are great buy low candidates. I don't think you have enough to offer to get a Reyes, Rollins, H.Ramirez type.

    1B - I'd move Giambi for younger - a Justin Morneau or to a lesser extent an Adrian Gonzales type if possible.

    Maybe give up on saves and package your closers to get this team younger - not sure how many keeper positions you have but I see only 3 guys on this roster I would consider keeping - if you have more spots - best to fill them with young hitters that have a proven minor league track record and are performing solid (but not yet spectacular) in the majors.

    Tori Hunter could be packaged to get an upgrade in the OF. If you cannot afford to get a Sizemore, Crawford, Beltran type look at Felix Pie (maybe even off the FA wire) or Delmon Young, Mark Teahan, Hunter Pence, Billy Butler type

    Hope this helps.

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    your looking really good for the long haul especially in a roto league but i would try my best to get some better closers.

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    Get rid of Jeremy Giambi Jhonny Peralta and Ryan Freel if you can. Get rid of Kevin Millwood if you can and get rid of Bob Wickman if you can

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    1) I'm not overly impressed with the SP

    2) Closers are weak

    3) I hope you mean Jason Giambi, not his brother

    4) I'd look at upgrading at catcher

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    You need a new 1B. Torres is kind of rough at closer.

    I'd look at Jamie Shields from TB if he's available.

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