When can I drop the Mortgage insurance premium on my FHA loan?

I have to pay MIP on my loan . It is our first house and an FHA loan. The purchase price was 139k . I paid 10k down and had the mortgage insurance premium($1920.) financed in the loan at 1.5 %. I emailed chase and they sent a letter saying they are the servicer of the loan and cant drop it.... HUD will have to. I looked at HUDs website and they say they cant drop it , the mortgage company has to.

When I spoke to the rep on the phone(could barely understand her) She said 3 conditions must be met. It must be paid for a minimum of 5 years,be current, and LTV ratio reach 78%.

HUD has a specific link on the wesite giving conditions , but its hard to understand. I asked the mortgage rep if I could get a new appraisal since weve made improvements and drop it. She said I could but we would have to contact HUD with the new appraisal. She also said the LTV ratio is not on the loan price , but the purchase price(before down payment.) Noone there is helpful and would like some answers.


To be clear, after the down payment, the loan 129920. was 129k plus the mip of 1920. I am confused about the LTV. Is it the new appraise value % compared to the purchase price? (She said not counting down payment) Is this amount before the financed 1920 mip? Who do I contact with the appraisal to drop it? Both are telling me the other one has to drop it. I get the distinct feeling that Chase does not want be to drop it. Had this loan 3 years. I pay at least $100.00 additional principal each month. Never been even one day late.

Please someone give me specifics of what I would need to do to get it drop. It would save $53. a month I could put toward my principal and that is a lot of interest saved- thousands. I have painted , put on new roof and added skylights. Carpet is next. What specifically do I do and what are the laws with HUD? Which one has to drop it? I keep gettng the run around. You can email me with any more details needed. thanks

Update 2:

Please dont respond with promotions or solicitations. I only want the law concerning dropping the mip. I have a great rate and am in no way behind.I have no other loans and I am in no way drowning in debt(thus paying extra principal) My loan is going great, just thought I would eliminate any uneeded extra payment.

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    Ok...the three conditions are:

    The loan amount must be less than .78x139000= $108420.

    You must be current and usually the lender requires you have never been 30 days late on a payment.

    You must have had the loan at least 5 years.

    An appraisal is not necessary because the current value is immaterial. The issue is based on the original sales price.

    If you have met these three conditions contact loan servicing for your lender in writing (certified mail) and request waiver of mip. The payment on mip is .5%. In other words, if your interest is 6%, then your payment is actually calculated on 6.5%.

    On the plus side, mip will be tax deductible on schedule A on your tax return for 2007 along with the interest and taxes.

    Hope this helps. Getting out of mip on FHA is somewhat difficult. On the other hand up to about 5 years ago, you could not get rid of it under any circumstances.

    Source(s): Government loan officer for 20 years.
    • Acutely I did call my mortgage company today and they did dropped it i been having my house for six years now

  • Where to start....

    First the mortgage insurance can be drop once you reach 79.99% Loan-to-value(LTV), you can contact an appraiser to come out and do a new appraisal, you can find this in a the phone book. I t will cost you $400, roughly depending on the appraiser.

    As for making extra payment on your loan, the Federal government did a study a few months ago and found that paying extra on your loan does not help with anything and actually can cost you more in the long run. I recommend that you read a book call "Missed Fortune" by Doug Andrews, you need to read about 20 pages of the book to understand a little about the financial side of mortgages or you can email be a I will send you a summary of the book.

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    FHA requires that you have MI for at least 5 years even if it drops below 78% LTV. If you had it for 2 years I don't think they will drop the MI. If you want to compare if it's worth refinancing to a new mortgage without MI I will be more than happy to take a look at it and advise you if it would be worth it. It all depends on the rate you have now and the LTV etc. It costs you nothing to find out and no obligation on your part. Drop me a e-mail and I will help.

    Leo Namiot - Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


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    PMI is for widespread Loans.. inner maximum very own loan insurance. MIP is for FHA Loans.. very own loan insurance top rate. **Paul, above me, word the terminology. in any case aside of what Paul is asserting it would additionally be that the home is the different way up in cost? what's the stability you owe vs. the appraised cost..it fairly is have been your answer is going to be.. MIP isn't continuously. **upload.. $28,000. ? lenders hate those loans. what's the appraised cost..

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    What the rep told you is correct, and yest 78% of the ORIGINAL purchase price. This is one disadvantage of FHA loans, but on the upside... you did get into the house.

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    Wow, thankyou! Exactly what I was looking for. I tried looking for the answers on the internet but I couldn't find them.

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    Haven't thought about it

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