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Did Dennis the Menace end up killing Mr. Wilson when he became a teen?

How did Mr. Wilson finally die?

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    mr wilson ended up with a Tesco trolly under a railway arch in Leeds

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    Because of "Ecterbob's answer, I feel free to actually answer a question here! I have been skulking around here for a while, reading a lot of the Q&A's (and learning a lot in the process by the way!), but usually don't have the guts to actually participate. (I'm such a little weenie.) Whenever I read answers that I really appreciate (whether or not I agree with them), I will sometimes add that person to my list of Contacts. (If "Ecterbob" is reading this, I just added you too!) The only thing I can say in answer to how I ended-up here is my interest in learning what people think about all the different topics that R&S brings to the table. I have learned so much from my "skulking" here! :-) It does sadden me to see all of the negativity and hatefulness that goes on here, but at the same time, there is also a lot of respect shown here, along with very interesting dialogue, from people of differing beliefs, and that's what most interests me! I guess that truly is what keeps me coming back here all the time.

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    No. It was Calvin who got his pet tiger to maul Mr Wilson. Dennis goes on to be the President of the U....

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