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We are visiting Tenerife for a week.Is it advisable to hire a car for sightseeing, beaches etc.?

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    I'd say yes, definitley.

    I am actually going to Tenerife myself in a few weeks time and we'll definitley be hiring a car.

    Heres a great link to a website for planning what you fancy doing- details on all sorts of trips you can do.

    With having your car you can travel much cheaper and at your own convenience rather than the tour operators coach which operates only certain days and cost a fortune!

    They've also got a car hire section:

    Down in the south (PDLA/L Cristianos) the roads in the resorts are busy, but don't be put off. You can even hire your car straight from the airport and drop it back when you're finished. This will save you approx £20 pp (based on t.op coach transfers) and around £20 each way on a taxi fare- put that towards the costs involved to save money.

    What we find is really great is if you've got a later flight home on the last day. You can simply check out your accomodation at mid-day and take off with your car, safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy your last day returning to the airport to drop off just before you check in for your flight.

    You can do what you want when you want- and after all, thats what holidays are all about!

    All the best!

    Have a great time.

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    Previous answerer knows his stuff. I used to live in El Médano : )

    Yes, rent a car so you have freedom. Public transport in Tenerife is not the best. Parking can sometimes be a problem in the North, so look for paid parking lots (look for signs with a big blue P...some are underground and can be hard see if you don´t know what to look for).

    Drive up to Mt. Teide...but take a picnic or plan to eat at the Parador, otherwise the dramatic change in altitude will do mean things to your stomach. None the less, the view is truly worthwhile!!! Take a jacket since it can be quite chilly so high.

    For my taste the best resaturant on the island is El Jable in San Isidro (between El Médano and Granadilla de Abona). Head up the main street (it is a one-main-street town), just as you think you are running out of town, on the right-hand side, you´ll see the Ibiza Bar. Turn right. About a block down this street you´ll see an unassuming wooden door on the left...the restaurant. What ever you order will be good. Order a "Tabla" as a first course...a selection of delicious, yummy things!

    Oh, wish I could go with you!

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  • San2
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    Hi, definetly. The island is full of atractions and beautiful sites but they are 20- 50 km away from each other. Like going to the Teide and its crater is easy by car, The milenary tree drago" is also apart. Good restaurants near beaches and the best quality & uncrowded beaches you can only reach by car. Also the North of the Island has completely different climate that the South because of the 5000 meter mountain range separating them and there can be sun in one part and raining in the other, its quite incredible. Also the unique wine plantations, volcanoes, national parks, windsurf places - el medano beach is one of the best of the world for windsurfing, camels, etc must be reached by car. Los gigantes, the cliffs area and whale watching and scuba diving are also at different place. Almost all the town are different and is worth moving around. Its is similar to going to Haways main island, but spanish version. Africa is nearby and La Palma, island is half an hour ferry - for cars too - and is such a different and unique island its also worth it.

    Tenerife is a beautiful island, with incredible plants and landscapes, drive up the Teide peack and wait to see the sea of clouds that extends for miles below the Teide sometimes, it is impressive.

    Have fun


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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    En Tenerife puedes hacer lo que más te gusta cualquier día del año, gracias a su clima, a su naturaleza, y a unas instalaciones turísticas pensadas para que tú y los tuyos disfrutéis. Descubre todo aquí . En Tenerife te llenaras de energía porque realizaras un sinfín de actividades y encima vas a poder disfrutar de una rica cocina. Sentarse en una terraza con vistas al mar y complacerse unos camarones es sin duda una experiencia deliciosa. Una de los sitios que debes presentarse en Tenerife es incluso el volcán del Teide, el pico más alto de España. Sus dos ecosistemas hacen de la ascensión una experiencia llena de contrastes y también única.

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