Who were the leaders of WWI?

The major political and Army Leaders of World War One

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    Thats a big list, here are the top players:

    King Albert I, Belgium

    King Alexander I, Serbia/Yugoslavia

    King Carol I, Romania

    King Constantine I, Greece

    Franz Ferdinand, Austria-Hungary

    King Ferdinand I, Romania

    Tsar Ferdinand I, Bulgaria

    Emperor Franz Josef I, Austria-Hungary

    King George V, United Kingdom

    Emperor Karl I/Charles IV, Austria-Hungary

    Sultan Mehmed V, Turkey

    Sultan Mehmed VI, Turkey

    Tsar Nicholas II, Russia

    King Peter I, Serbia/Yugoslavia

    King Vittorio Emanuele III, Italy

    Kaiser Wilhelm II, Germany

    Crown Prince Wilhelm, Germany

    President Woodrow Wilson , United States

    military leaders

    Sir Edmund Allenby, Commander-in-Chief, Palestine (UK)

    Duke Aosta, General (Italy)

    Prince Louis of Battenberg, First Sea Lord (UK)

    Max Bauer, Artillery Commander (Germany)

    Sir David Beatty, Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet (UK)

    Fritz von Below, General (Germany)

    Otto von Below, General (Germany)

    Walter Braithwaite, General (UK)

    Sir William Bridges, General (Australia)

    Karl von Bulow, General (Germany)

    Luigi Capello, General (Italy)

    Sir Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty (UK)

    Sir Christopher Cradock, Rear-Admiral (UK)

    Archduke Eugen, Field Marshal (Austria-Hungary)

    Erich von Falkenhayn, Chief of General Staff (Germany)

    Admiral John Fisher, First Sea Lord (UK)

    Bradley Allen Fiske, Admiral (US)

    Ferdinand Foch, Supreme Allied Commander (France)

    Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief, BEF (UK)

    Archduke Friedrich, Commander-in-Chief (Austria-Hungary)

    Sir Douglas Haig, Commander-in-Chief, BEF (UK)

    Sir Ian Hamilton, Commander-in-Chief, Mediterran. (UK)


    Paul von Hindenburg, Chief of General Staff (Germany)

    Admiral Franz von Hipper, Cmdr, High Seas Fleet (Germany)

    Conrad von Hotzendorf, Commander-in-Chief (Austria)

    Ahmed Izzet Pasha, General (Turkey)

    Sir John Jellicoe, First Sea Lord (UK)

    Joseph Joffre, Commander-in-Chief (France)

    Archduke Josef Augustin, Field Marshal (Austria-Hungary)

    Archduke Josef Ferdinand, General (Austria-Hungary)

    Mitsuomi Kamio, General (Japan)

    Mustafa Kemal Pasha, General (Turkey)

    Alexander von Kluck, General (Germany)

    Prince Leopold of Bavaria, General (Germany)

    Louis James Lipsett, General (Ireland)

    Erich Ludendorff, Quartermaster General (Germany)

    August von Mackensen, Field Marshal (Germany)

    Helmuth von Moltke, Chief of General Staff (Germany)

    Grand Duke Nikolai, Commander-in-Chief (Russia)

    Robert Nivelle, Commander-in-Chief (France)

    John J. Pershing, Commander-in-Chief (US)

    Henri-Philippe Petain, Commander-in-Chief (France)

    Hugo von Pohl, Cmdr, High Seas Fleet (Germany)

    Crown Prince Rupprecht, General (Germany)

    Reinhardt Scheer, Chief of Admiralty Staff (Germany)

    Alfred von Schlieffen, Chief of Gen. Staff (Germany)

    William Sims, Admiral (US)

    Maximilian von Spee, Admiral (Germany)

    Alfred von Tirpitz, Naval Minister (Germany)

    Sir Charles Townshend, General (UK)

    Hugh Trenchard, Chief of Air Staff (UK)

    Sir Ernest Troubridge, Admiral (UK)

    Sir David Watson, General (Canada)

    there are about 4 times as many military leaders, but these are the names that are "Popular" , or well known for there impact on WWI . or s it was called then "the Great War" (big war)

    Source(s): Events of the Great war, @1922
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