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FYI - New update want to make sure everyone sees it.?

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    Hello..this all sounds bad.. but it's no good to freak out either.. 10's of millions of pets ate this food without any problems...Stuff Happens in offense, I bet more pets get ill from kindness more then this pet food.. you know all the extra little treats & tidbits..etc :) the not knowing how to care for critters BEFORE you get them... definately more die in Puppy Mills & from abandonment...and sorry I for one can't say it is just the food that killed..I don't know if you all have any idea how many 10's of millions of pets ate this food without any problems.. there is no such thing as 100% safe in our World or foods, it's Just Life & scarey cuz you love your pets, but the lawyers are loving this, they'll be the one's making money off this, not pet owners & no amount of money can replace any loved pet when it dies !! Take Care & Peace :)

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    Why id everything being recalled nowadays?? Theres cat food dog food chicken food even fish food has been found contaminated

    I cant believe none of the food has been recalled yet that we feed our animals, and we have 24

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    good thing I feed my dog Canidae, not crap food

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    Thanks JR. Glad my dogs eat Canidae. This is getting very scary!!!

    Source(s): Former Golden breeder and owner for over 20 years
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    Thank you. My friends have cats and dogs. I'm going to tell them. Thanks so much!

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