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I have a shake in my hands. Anyone know what that might be from?

Ever since I was little I've had a shake in my hands its not very noticable when you first meet me but when I try to pour coffee or eat something with a teaspoon its easy to spot. Carrying plates just looks stupid. Any advice?

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    I think you have Essential Tremors. Does anyone in your family have shaking? Because it runs in a family.

    It is a movement disorder and it can affect people at any age.

    Essential tremor can affect almost any part of your body, trembling occurs most often in your hands, especially when you try to do simple tasks such as drinking a glass of water, tying your shoelaces, writing or shaving. Sometimes, you may also have trembling of your head, voice or arms.

    Essential tremor is the most common of the many movement disorders.

    It is also triggered by the heat/cold, stress, nervousness, and also when you are trying to stop it, it actually gets worse. Alcochol makes it go away.

    Essential tremor often begins gradually. Sometimes it appears during adolescence. More often, though, tremors begin in mid- to late life.

    The most common sign is a trembling, up-and-down movement of your hands, although your arms, legs, head and even your tongue and voice box (larynx) also may be affected. Most people have tremors in both hands. Some people have tremors in only one hand, though the tremors often progress to include both hands.

    Tremors usually occur only when you engage in a voluntary movement, such as drinking a glass of water, writing or threading a needle. Actions requiring fine-motor skills — using utensils or small tools, for example — may be especially difficult. Fatigue, anxiety and temperature extremes make the signs worse, but tremors usually disappear when you're asleep or at rest.

    Some people have relatively mild tremors throughout their lives, while others develop more severe tremors and increased disability over time. Effects of worsening tremors may include:

    Difficulty holding a cup or glass without spilling

    Difficulty eating normally

    Difficulty putting on makeup or shaving

    Difficulty talking, if your voice box or tongue is affected

    Difficulty writing — handwriting may become increasingly large, shaky and illegible

    The inability to perform actions requiring fine-motor skills, such as playing an instrument or drawing

    You might wonna visit your doctor so he can give you final diagnoses. Depending how serious it is he can prescribe you medications, BUT don't take them on your own as you can make things only WORSE!

    Hope this helps!

    If you need someone to talk to or ask more feel free to write me an email:

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    It is a condition called "Essential Tremor". Avoid caffeine as it makes us shake even more. Especially when people notice and draw attention to it we shake more, just tell them what it is. Go see your doctor he may be able to prescribe medication, I have had it since I was little as well and it has grown considerably worse over the years as I am 36 now. And not on any medication. It is livable and manageable. Good luck with it!

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    One can always try herbal medication. Try going to one of the Oriental Doctors across the country and speaking to them. They may be able to help and lesson the movement

    that come to you from time to time.

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