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Where did goalie Jani Hurme go after playing for the Portland Pirates in the 2006 season?

He helped Portland get to the AHL's eastern confrence finals. He played 76 games in the NHL for Ottowa, Atlanta, and Florida. He also was the Finish national goalie during the Salt Lake games. Hurme could be back in the Finish leagues.

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    He's playing again for TPS in Finland. I think he has a contract there next year too.

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    Hurme did not have the best year in 06 going up and down between the ECHL and AHL but he did have a good playoff like you said. He was a career backup and was not going to make the NHL again so he went back to his hometown team TPS Turku in the Finnish Elite League where he played before he came to N America. He is going to finish his career out there and wont come back to NA.

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