know any free dating sites?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best free one I've ever used is

    It works similarly to e-harmony in the sense you are matched to others by answers to quizzes. Where it differs is that there are thousands of quizzes to take, most of which are made by users themselves.

    On top of the quizzes, there are other types of multiple-choice questions you answer to match you to other users. An example question might be:

    Do you believe in kissing on the first date?

    a. Yes

    b. No

    c. Depends on how the date went.

    d. Only kissing?

    Let's say you chose answer B, and you want to be matched only to users that also chose B. There is a section after the question that asks how important your match's answer to this question is. If you choose "Mandatory", only matches that pick the answer(s) you chose will be matched with you.

    It's good fun, no I don't work for OKCupid, I've just been a user for some years and have loved the site. I love the fact that unlike other so-called "free" dating sites, you can communicate for free through OKCupid. Other sites will let you make a profile, and even take whatever matching quiz they offer, but to write to anyone you match with, you have to pay. Not so with OKCupid. So, have fun taking quizzes and I hope this helps! Good luck in your search for your someone. ^^

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    its not really a dating site, but you could try myspace. just go for people who have the "here for" question filled out with "dating" or "a relationship." Believe it or not, I've met up with some people from myspace. Just be careful and stuff.

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