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what should we do to eliminate corruption in india?

like improving literacy rate but the fact is that thouh the literacy rate is increasing for the last five decades,corruption hasn't decreased or improving ethical or moral values right from childhood etc.

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    Corruption doesn't have anything to do with the literacy rate. Usually, the more they know, the more corrupted they get. Corruption cannot be stopped until the institution abilitated to eradicate the corruption doesn't get rid of the corruption within. For this, you need, usually, one honest and firm leader, surrounded by men like himself. Good luck with that!

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    as a fellow indian what i think the biggest problem our country is facing that is also the root cause of above mentioned problems is our ever-increasng population. What we need is some serious population control.

    what happens when numbers are so high, and resources low, it becomes 'survival of the fittest'. and to survive everybody starts taking ways - hooks and/or crooks. this is where the problems begin.

    why do you think that since independance we are trying to literate people and still the problem of illiteracy persists??

    same goes for poverty. "survival" introduces corrruption - it can be selling of black tickets at the movie theatre or the "chara ghotala" the likes of Lalu do at higher levels in politics. although the latter, i would agree, involves ones personal more ethical and moral problems.

    as for "why we are, the way we are", i would suggest a book that has just come out by V. Ragunathan. it gives more analysis into the moral problems we face in our day to day lives.

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    And how do we eliminate corruption anywhere?

    You are right to ask this question

    And I am glad that you did......... look at it more univerally

    Captilalism spawns waste and greed = Corruption

    Fascism = Corruption (need I say more?)

    Even Socialism & Communism (the real form of these 2 not the psycho-person deteriorated form) = well, Hitler proved that Communism can be corrupted

    If somehow Greed could be eliminated than perhaps corruption could be minimized

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    without proportional representation democracy is a farce - In cutting-side democracy multi-social gathering equipment is there to exist. yet vote casting in democracies the position there is not any preparations for proportional representation of the contenting political activities, the exercising is decreased to a farce! lets see why. that is likewise a fave phenomenon that in maximum mature democracies round 60% polling of valid votes take position. Now, assume A, B and C are the contending activities in a constituency. B receives 28% and C 32% then A receives 40% of the votes polled and is asserted the winner. yet surely A receives 40% of 60% votes or 24% votes purely to be the winner! as a effect, no matter if 100-24 = seventy six% are hostile to or no longer assisting a candidate he/she will be able to be a winner in our democracy. This mission ought to substitute. If the contenders are extra even the winner would get lesser votes. subsequently, there is an urgent favor to herald proportional representation equipment in Indian democracy.

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  • It is a matter of moral values inside us. Teach it from young age because it will be a habit when you got older. But, certainly there are no easy solutions for this situation. It really depends a lot on the individual's awareness of honesty and transparency.

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    It’s the matter of money man if you don't have good salaries there's going to be corruption anyways.

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    Like anywhere else it starts in the home, educate the adults.

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    eliminate the corrupt, line them all up in front of the firing squad

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    its good that you are thinking about your country. Try to participate in anti curruption organizations. make Awareness in others.

    Good luck

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    we shud sleep and dream well

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