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英文好又有創意的人 我需要一篇英文故事(20)







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    The Attack

    The Attack

    It is quite frightening to be left at home all alone if you had watched a lot of scary movies and have a wild imagination --- especially on a moonless Friday evening. It’s even worse if you’re only a kid, so imagine how my heart thumped when the telephone rang scratched the still air of the house like the first thunder intruding a quiet summer afternoon. I squeezed out the word ‘Hello?’ though my trembling lips, but found out it was only my father calling to say he’ll be late and will not be able to catch dinner, he told me to eat without him.

    Hanging up the phone, my hunger took some of the place of fear. I sneaked into the kitchen like that I was afraid something would hear me though I knew it was silly, there was only me in the house (I hoped.) I didn’t know much about cooking and had decided that sandwiches might do, for it costed less time to make and it was easy to avoid troubles, like burning your dinner and the house. Since there was only me, I decided to make a super sandwich for myself. I took some sliced bread from the refrigerator, some ham, mayonnaise, and yet how could I ever forget to put cheese in it, also, some lettuces would surely make it taste better. In the end, my sandwich was so good that I quite forgot about the fear.

    I went to watch some TV to relax myself as the old fear came creeping back again while the sandwich disappeared. It was then that my fear came true. There was a spooky, crunchy noise, wild imaginations about giants eating the wall of my house and aliens cracking on the roof trying to get in flew over my head. I shook my head telling myself that these do not happen more than in scary movies.

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    I made myself believe that it was only the wind blowing at the windows. I decided to check the house though my bones were shaking. I took a quick look in the kitchen, the bedrooms, and that noise came to annoy me again --- closer this time, a chill of fear went down my spine.

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    I felt likely to faint like that I had lost all my blood. I had thought about calling my father before, but it would be too embarrassing, only little children do so, but now I had to call my savior at once. He said he’ll be home right away and enjoined repeatedly to lock the doors tight.

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    He hung up and I could only wait. I checked all the doors and windows, well, it was better than doing nothing. I thought about calling the police, but our house was in the wood, so in every way my dad would be here first.

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    The noise came again, very close to the window I was, it seemed like what ever it is knew where I was. Should I turn off the light? No, it already knew I was home.I waited for ten minutes, which were the most arduous minutes ever in my whole life.

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    Finally, I heard the familiar sound of my father’s truck in the drive way. Then came his low, calm voice, ‘Shoo, shoo, eat your dinner some where else!’ I ran out to help him and saw a big moose eating the vegetables we planted in the yard, not giants or aliens indeed!!

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