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    In the fish chromosome operation, blocks the zygote second time to reduce the fission or the first mitosis is the method which often uses, in the experiment because of the observation normal fertilized egg change with the time relations, after extrapolated the fertilization the diode release and the first ovum segmentation time, again or has shone the ultraviolet ray homologous sperm and the loach egg fertilization by the different source sperm, tests the cold shock the process time and the process time length. In the result discovered that, under the water temperature 27 degrees, the fertilized egg carries on the cold shock in the fertilization latter 5 minutes to process 40 minutes to suppress the diode release to have the function. Also and flows the type cell meter using the blood corpuscle dyeing observation 鑑 to decide, confirms his/her three time of body existence.Also by way of the outward appearance observation result, three time of body loaches and is unable by way of outward appearance state study determination it whether is three time of body individuals.

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