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Will pepper deter squirrels if I sprinkle it around my gladiolas? Or, what other household item would help?

I have the bulbs planted in pots so I can have them in full sun, as my garden is a shade garden. I was thinking about bringing in the pots in the evening and then put them out again in the morning. I'd rather not move them in and out each day, but don't want the squirrels digging them all up! Any ideas? Please don't say get a dog. I have one. As much as he'd love being outside all night on squirrel duty, I'm not going to give him that option.

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    ----However--- :)

    I'm not sure that it's squirrels that are digging at your plant if it's happening at night too.... I live in the wilds and get all sorts of creatures trying to eat anything that I put out or grow! I went the commercial Bobbex, etc. route with no results except a stinky yard (Cayote pee in a bottle).

    Being a logical/creative person, I have discovered, tested and share the following: Pepper hurts anything with a mucous membrane. It doesn't kill anything, but it DOES deter them. I was battling deer, woodchucks, moles and G**-knows whatever else in order to save my gardens. I started by misting my plants with a little water and then sprinkling $1.00 jars of crushed red pepper on both the upper and lower leaves (different critters/different heights) of the plants- I was on a mission since I'd spent my whole birthday planting these things! That seemed to work okay, but I was still getting periodic chunks torn out- I then started alternating "wet leaves days" with "dry leaves days" when I would just loosly sprinkle the pepper with superb results! At first you have an orange/red garden (tell your friends, "Welcome to OZ." (or whatever!), but the animals become trained and fearful of the scent (poor things!). After a few weeks or so (if you're getting results), get the pepper FLAKES. Sprinkle them around the perimeter of your WHOLE growing area. The wild animals will smell the concentrated chips, that expand in the rain, and stay away! Animal+ Pepper=major TEMPORARY hurt

    It has worked for me and everyone I know... give it a try- it's REALLY the kindest way to deal with nature!

    Good luck!

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    umm, ive got lots of bulbs planted and the squirrels could care less. i guess you could try living with the squirrels theyre actually quite interesting and fun to watch, why not put out some food for them, peanuts or wild bird mix

    cheap price to pay for the cool acrobats jumping around your yard

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    make up a gallon of "tea", using pepper as your tea. Spray it around and on the flower beds. This will keep the squirrels away, as well as deter any insect pests.

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    I sprinkled cayenne pepper around my plants and it worked.Sprinkle it generously and remember to repeat after it rains.

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    Try mothballs.

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    mothballs work, but they're stinky.

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