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Is it considered unethical or illegal for a counselor to call you in regards to a dispute with another person.

I am being harassed by an ex, and his friend that is a counselor is calling me and trying to convince me that I am in the wrong. she is biased, and rude toward me, tho I've never met her. Is it harassment, considering that I am not asking for her services, nor is she a couple's counselor, she works with prisoners. Is there anything I can do legally, since I consider this unethical practice and abuse of her title?

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    If she is acting in her capacity as counsellor, she might be overstepping her bounds. Legal processes can be lengthy, rather report her to the Council or Association that supports her licence to practice. if she is calling as a friend of your ex, not so much you can do. The fact that she's not getting the message and don't know when to back off - I think you may have a case.

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    You said that this counselor is a friend of your ex which means that while what she is doing would fall under harassment I don't think it would be considered an abuse of her title unless she is contacting you while your ex is under her care and in coordination with his therapy. If she is doing this out of friendship though (as nuts as it is) you may not be able to influence her job, but as another person suggested you can file for a restraining order and at least make it stop while also bringing it the the attention of others which could adversely affect her position.

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    As she has never had a business contract with you ,

    Advise her that she is to STOP contacting you .

    Since you know so many details about her ,

    Mail her a certified letter telling her to cease and desist or you will make a stalking report to the police .

    Her title is irrelevant and has nothing to do with this situation , she is just advocating for your ex.

    It is not unethical because you have no business with her ,

    She is just being a Stalker !

    If you contacts you after you notify her to Stop ,

    Report it to the police .

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    I would think you could report her behavior to the proper governing board, as this behavior sounds highly unethical.

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  • Record the harassement phone calls. build a case and sue

    all of them. you can get mad cash plus they get a tript to jail.

    it's all good !

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    File a restraining order against her...it can keep her from calling you.

    Good luck!

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    thats harassment...

    you should report her to profession regulation comission...

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