What does "Rurouni" mean in the anime "Rurouni Kenshin?"?

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i know his last name is Kenshin and first name is Himura on Youtube. but what is rurouni?
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"Rurouni" is a neologism created from the verb "ru," meaning "to wander," and "ronin," meaning "masterless samurai". A rough translation of the title would be "Kenshin the Wandering Swordsman".
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  • Nikk Strife answered 7 years ago
    Rurouni is a loose term for a 'Wanderer' that is the term people use when they think of Rurouni Kenshin. It's a loose term, meaning it also means 'vagabond' or 'bum', like someone who has no money and wanders around poor and hungry all the time (obviously people just like the mysteriousness and niceness of the simple term 'Wanderer' If people though of Kenshin as a bum, he would be less popular) Kenshin represents what happened to many real samurai of the Meji era. They had no lords, and when swords were banned they had no skills they could use to hold jobs. Many of them became wanderers and bums because the only life they knew was the life of a samurai. Without that, they had no idea how to live and get money.

    Also, his name is Kenshin Himura. Things are different in Japan, and far more formal. In America, we call each other by our first name ( yo, Nikk, what's up?) and when we meet someone in a formal sense, we give them a title and call them by their last name (Hello Mr. Strife) In Japan, however, they are more formal, so they usually add on a title and use last names in more situations than we would, and your last name used to hold more weight than your first name. So in Japan, you'd call someone by their last name first (Kenshin Himura would be called Himura Kenshin, and people who knew Kenshin but weren't close to him would call him Himura) Only when you really get to know someone and become friends do you call them by their first name in Japan.

    ALSO Kenshin is not his real first name, but I don't want to spoil it, so if you care you can e-mail me or message me through Answers.
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  • Koneko_Akuryo answered 5 months ago
    I apologise to Nikk Strife for my mix up with Kenshin's name. Sorry, Gomenasai, Please forgive me. Thank you.
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  • anna1517 answered 7 years ago
    I think it means traveler or a wondering man....
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  • Nis answered 7 years ago
    Nikk is right on the dot with this one. And keep in mind, Kenshin Himura is based loosely off of a real Battousai named Kawakami Gensai. Here is a link that will back up this statement.


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  • Diamonds answered 7 years ago
    it means Traveler
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  • roclant answered 7 years ago
    Rurounin means wanderer and a noun to rurouni means wandering as a verb. Here is a link to the definition.

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  • chilibean answered 7 years ago
    I pretty sure that it means wanderer or wandering, but its been ages since I watched that last.
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