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The Great Gatsby/F. Scott Fitzgerald?

How was F. Scott Fitzgerald's life simular to his characters in The Great Gatsby?

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    He based the book and especially Daisy on a woman he met in the late 1910's at a party in Minnesota. She was wealthy and from money and essentially played him for a fool. They corresponded or a while once she returned to school after Christmas break and she invited him to her place (I am thinking Chicago) that summer. By then she was no longer interested in him. She was rather shocked when he showed up at her parent's place and treated him very coldly.

    The following link is about a novel that was written about the whole story. The story is true she just changed names and details.

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    I dont think that F Scott and Gatsby were alike. Gatsby may have held many parties, but he was a solitary and guarded character -- he didnt really attend his parties. His one true love, Daisy, turned out to be his downfall.

    F Scott was just the opposite. He was an outgoing man. He was very much a man of the Jazz Age and ran in circles with the likes of Hemingway and other ex-pat authors and artists.

    Two different types of men entirely. Pax - C.

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    If I remember correctly (I haven't read the books or studied F. Scott Fitzgerald in a couple years) I believe he held many parties like his characters.

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    No Gatsbey made himself. He went from the poor guy to the rich guy all in about ten years. And he got the girl lol. Sucks that he gets shot.

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