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what does the fallen logo stand for besides skateboard brand?

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    I found this article, pretty cool.

    "When Jamie Thomas first started up Fallen, I was excited - I'm a big fan of Thomas. I like his bold strong skating, and I like his message. Jamie Thomas is a strong Christian, but instead of going flowers and angels with his designs, he keeps it real, gritty and human. It's a great blend of personal faith and passion for skating.

    First off there's the Fallen motto, "Rise with the Fallen." It's a great line for skating, it's a great idea, and it's a sobering, truthful statement about who we all are. Fallen from grace, fallen from the good life, fallen in truth, bleeding on the pavement. It's like it's saying, "Admit it, you're screwed up. You're hurt. Once you admit it, join the rest of us, and rise up." Good words."

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