If the Beatles didn't break up in 1970 do you think the following things would've happened?

1) 4 or 5 movies between 1970 and 1980

2) "The End" would've never been written

3) Back to the 2 album a year format

4) Back to doing world tours

5) John Lennon still alive today

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    1) 4 or 5 movies between 1970 and 1980

    They would have produced movies. Ringo would've been in more movies, George would've still been involved w/ Monty Python, John and Yoko would've probably gotten into more multimedia projects. Paul is the only one who consistantly toured. George did one or two, Ringo didn't until the mid-80s on, and John did a handful of live shows. When he was working on "Double Fantasy" he discussed touring but it would've been theater-sized venues and with Yoko.

    2) "The End" would've never been written


    3) Back to the 2 album a year format

    They would've done solo projects, they were already doing solo projects in the late 60s and playing on other sessions. Most of the first solo albums were leftovers from Get Back, Abbey Road, and White Album sessions.

    4) Back to doing world tours

    John was doing just charity shows. I think they may have done "under an assumed name" projects, all of them had uncredited appearances on many albums in the late 60s-early 70s.

    5) John Lennon still alive today

    We forget about the car crash he was in in the late 60s. Lost Weekend may have come sooner, and he may have never kicked heroin had he not left them.

    George seemed like the only one who was definite about not wanting a Beatles reunion. John and Paul may have wound up writing together again, that part I do think would've happened. John was the leader of The Beatles from the beginning so that's why the other 3 never did it.

    The breakup would've happened in 1973 if you based it on riding out the contract.

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    1) 4 or 5 movies between 1970 and 1980 (very doubtful. At least for that many. I think one or more of them would've gone on to *produce* movies or music-related projects)

    2) "The End" would've never been written (Debatable)

    3) Back to the 2 album a year format (They actually may've slowed down, what w/ their families growing & them maturing as people)

    4) Back to doing world tours (very unlikely, for same reasons as above. Maybe *one*, but more likely a pay-per-view deal)

    5) John Lennon still alive today (fate is funny. It may've happened anyway. There's no guessing something like that. & actually, I once read that Paul was the initial intended target, but John was much more accesible living in NYC)

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    For the Doors guy, there were two songs called "The End". One by the Doors, the other by the Beatles. The Beatles' song was probably written before they actually broke up.

    No more movies. They were already fighting by 1966. Touring had taken its toll during a time when world tours and huge outdoor rock concerts were unknown and nearly impossible. We're lucky "Help" was made. If there hadn't been location shooting in Nassau and the Alps, they probably wouldn't have done it. Two albums a year would have been too much. Maybe one every two years. They wouldn' t have toured anymore because George was afraid of flying anyway and if he didn't need the dough, he would have stayed grounded. John made the mistake of being too accessible and feeling too "safe" in a huge city and paid the price. Paul was nearly killed by one of his own band members but the guy lost his nerve and didn't do it, even though he had the gun at Paul's sleeping head.

    So in order, no, yes, no, no and who knows.

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    5... if beatles didnt break up in 1970, Lennon still alive today, maybe the beatles as band persists until early 80's with lot of interesting productions according to their constant evolution.

    Butterfly effect: Wings and Bangladesh would never exists, but replaced by other great productions. I Ounce had a dream about a new LP from the bealtes called "Green day" (like the band). I heard a song that i can barely remember but it was a beatle ballad.

    (sorry the poor grammar)

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    If anything, maybe #2. I don't think they would have done more films, especially as television grew more popular for music in the 70's. 2 albums a year, maybe one album every two years. World tours? Nah, maybe just Europe, US, and Japan.

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    The Doors wrote "The End", and it had nothing to do with the Beatles...

    1) No


    3) No

    4) No,they were already bored and burned out from doing tours.

    5) I would hope so

  • evilim
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    1. No

    2. Yes, it was written before 1970

    3. Possibly

    4. Most certainly at some point they would have toured again

    5. Who can say? One could hope.

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    1) don't think so

    2) no

    3) no --they were tired/ tired of each other(and their wives)

    4)no--some one would have shot him just for his views

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    none all of the above

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