America Land Of The Free?

Lets get real that was back in the days of the mayflower. America is not free anymore in fact they charge big time for a visa and a green card and lets not talk about USA citizenship's oh my big bucks there if you can pass the test.

Not many born here American cant even pass the test and that has been proving.

So lets not preach about free America cause is not.

To all of does immigrants that has come here to make a better life and make America beautiful welcome and thank you for your hard labor and may God bless you and your family.


Americans we are all, don't forget South Americans are Americans too.

Update 2:

To " peace" let me quote you if I may.


For a man of God you seem awfully abrasive and angry


Angry you say? I'm not angry at anything why would I be , maybe is a misunderstanding my friend. We have different opinion of life is all.


To " Theorangeevil" let me quote you.


When most people say "American," they're specifically referring to the USA.


You don't understand either , when I mean America I mean America , South or North.

This country is not name America but is named United State Of America.

When someone would speak about America I have to ask them what America are they talking about , North Or South.

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    Land of the free does not refer to money or monetary issues. The free you are referring to is FREEdom.

    By the way I do not go to South America and demand or even feel I am entitled to anything, if I did I would expect to be booted out on my ear (or rear).

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    South Americans aren't citizens of the United States of America - they're residents of the continent of South America, just as Canadians, Mexicans and Americans are all residents of the continent of North America. Don't conflate the many meanings of "American." When most people say "American," they're specifically referring to the USA.

    I bet you ten bucks that you don't even know when the "days of the Mayflower" were. No checking Wikipedia, either.

    "Free" doesn't mean "without cost or payment." Free means the ability to do what you want, when you want it without depriving any other individual of that same ability .

    *EDIT: United States of America - what are people supposed to call themselves if they're from the USA? United Statesians? If somebody says they're American, you should ask, "North, South or United States?" And if you weren't such a punk, you'd know that they meant that they're from the USA. Very few people identify themselves as members of a continent. National identity is usually the identity people choose. So, if somebody says they're American, 9 times out of 10 they're from the US. Stop trying to make an issue out of the fact that people from the USA call themselves Americans. They ARE American - "American" can just have many meanings depending on the context. And to clarify things, if you are North American or South American, don't call yourself "American" since it'll be confused with Americans from the USA. Cal yourself "NORTH American" or "SOUTH American."

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    if there is a problem with legal immigration, then change the laws to make it more accomodating for people to come into the country. But this doesn't give everyone the right to come here illegally and ruin the country. Instead of spending alot to come here, people come here and live for free off the hard work of all of the united states citizens who pay taxes. illegal is illegal. Come here illegally, or stay where you are from

  • First, it is difficult to respond to broken english. What does "to all of does immigrants that has come here" mean? Maybe once you learn to speak and write english better the test will be easier to pass. Second, lets not spit nonsense, instead stick to the facts. Fact 1: The USA allows 2 million immigrants to come here legally every year. That is more than all of the other countries in the world COMBINED! Fact 2: When someone comes here ILLEGALY, they are not immigrants, they are ALIENS! I am tired of hearing immigrants used for people who are not. They are criminals who are invading our country, then marching in our streets waving their flags in our faces demanding that we give them citizenship. Isn't it enough that we give you a place to live, a car, free food, free health care, interpretors, free schooling? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Quit your complaining or I will personally escort you out of our country! You foreigners make me want to puke.

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    you don't make any sense, There are he Americas,,then there is the U,S, every country is its own soverinty,,,,I know thats not the way things work in heaven,,but thats the way the work on planet earth, American citizens have the most freedom and civil liberties comparabe to any other nation,,,especially for immigrants,

    For a man of God you seem awfully abrasive and angry

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    Look I'm tired of people saying in this country we are free Free exactly to do what? I am not free to walk naked down the street I'm not free to believe what I want without being persecuted for it ex(muslims) i am not free to say what I want to say. Basically everything you can do in america you can do anywhere just the LAWS are different. And AMERICANS ARE IN NO POSITION TO LABLE PEOPLE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Everyone aside from native americans is either an immigrant themselves or is a descendant of an immigrant. I don't know if any one remebers but those white people that came here on the Mayflower and killed some indians and then declared this as their land. yeah thats called stealing if i broke into someones home killed the whole family and then claimed that home to be mine I would be labled crazy and thrown in jail. So to end this it should be AMERCA LAND OF THE CONFUSED

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    if you come here, come here legally. if you're here legally, don't wave your countries flag and tell me that I have to pay to make you fill more like your in your country, you wave the flag of your new country, the USA, and learn how to live the American way. this is not to say forget where you came from, but to rejoice in where you have arrived and if it doesn't feel right, go back home! because you really don't want to be here.

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    What does money and Land of the Free have to do with each other/ You have more freddoms here than anywhere in the world, including the right and freedon to Make money! You're mixed up!

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    U.S. takes in 2 million legal immigrants a year.Way more than any other country.We cannot nor are we obligated to grant 12-20 million ILLEGAL immigrants amnesty.If you don't mind living in a 3rd world country in 20 years then i see your point.

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    Maybe Mexico should start taking responsibility for their own people,so we don't have to maybe you Mexicans should learn about birth control.We have enough dead beat welfare recipient's I don't want to hear you cry about the cost freedom its payed for in American blood.

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