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Difference between an hair salon and barber shop?

Could someone please let me know what is the difference between a hair salon and normal hair cutting shop - say like Supercuts or Great Clips?


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    1st of all you said "barber shops";then you said"normal haircutting shop"!There is only one name for BARBER SHOP...... the term means a place where men/boys go for a normal haircut. Hair Salons.....term means a place where women/men go for hair styling;perms;color etc.

  • Leanne
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    Barber shops are more for gentlemen or men. Salons are more for women and offer many services. Teens will usually go to a salon. Anyone can go to a barber shop though. In my opinion if your a girl a salon offers better care.

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    The commonly-thought of difference between a hair salon and a barber shop is that hair salons are for women, barber shops are for men.

    And between a salon and a place like Great Clips? Usually salons are more high-class, with a broader range of services by more experienced cosmetologists. Unless they're posing. ;)

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    Barbers are not as experienced They are not up on the latest techniques of cutting hair.Barbers- you are in and out of the chair with out a shampoo, within 10 minutes, a razor at hand and " next customer please". They want to crank out as many as possible. the" Walmart of hair." The Salon, goes into detail and depth which makes them an Entrepreneur of the hair cutting business.

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    i may be wrong, but i think a salon is more for women where they do shampooing and hairdrying, perms, etc.. and a barber shop is where men generally go, for just your basic shave or cut.

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    Hi.. it seems to be same meaning.. but two different way to spel it.. or just to attract customers...in different way..!! customer satisfaction and attraction.. both shop they just cut our hair.. but in a variety of styles..!!!

    In the sence that 'V' loose our hair.. but the shop keeper gains money...!!

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