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How many drops of Water make One Litre?

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    A drop is defined as 1/60th of a teaspoon. See that attached link.

    Therefore there are 60 drops per teaspoon. There are 3 teaspoons per tablespoon, so;

    180 drops per tablespoon. There are 16 tablespoons per cup so;

    2880 drops per cups;

    There are 4 cups per quart, so

    11520 drops per quart;

    and 4 quart per gallon, so;

    46080 drops per gallon, and finally there are 3.785 liters per gallon so there are ---

    12,174.4 drops in a liter.

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    In a really stupid site without hyperlinks

    a drop of water is described as equal to a minim

    which is equal to a 1/60th of a fluidrachim

    which is described as 1/8th of a fluidounce

    or a teaspoonful or 3.70 ml in the US (less in UK)

    so 1/60 x 3.70 = 0.061667 ml

    which yields 16.27 drops per ml

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    You know a milliliter (mL) is one cubic centimeter (cc) of volume. I've heard that it takes about 20 drops to fill one up. So, that would mean 20 000 per liter.

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    1 ... if the drop is a litre in size

    2 ... if each drop is half a litre...

    2,000 ... if each drop is 0.5cc

    [get the picture...?]

    it depends on the size of the drop... "drop" is not a precise measure of volume so your question is impossible to answer.

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    Not a good measurement as droops are deferment size.

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