Cincinnati to Dublin (OH) public transport options?

I am flying into Cincinnati and from there, I need to go to Dublin, Ohio. I was wondering if there are any public transport options (other than air travel) available and how frequent/reliable are they. Thanks


I need to get to Dublin near Columbus. Even if I can get to Columbus, it will be very convenient

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    You could take TANK (local bus) from the airport to downtown Cincinnati and then Greyhound from Cincinnati to Columbus. TANK's schedule indicates they go from the airport to downtown Cincinnati fairly frequently (every 30 to 50 minutes). Greyhound has about four buses a day from Cincinnati to Columbus.

    There's a lot more information, including TANK schedules and route maps and Greyhound ticket info, at the sites below.

    Good luck. :)

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    Dublin is relatively small, and almost all of the tourist attractions you want to see are within walking distance, such as the National Gallery, the National Museum, and so on. Trinity College is quite close to where you'll be staying - it's only a 15 minute walk or so. The cheapest method of transportation is the bus, but it's not always a reliable service and as already said, it's a bit confusing to figure out. The LUAS and DART are your other options, but it really depends on where you want to go. Both are close to where you'll be staying. For getting back to the airport, you can use Dublin bus - there are a few routes that serve the airport - but I really recommend the Aircoach instead, as suggested above. It's a privatised service, and is a lot more convenient and comfortable than public transport. The buses run every 20 minutes at peak times, and you can get it from O'Connell St, right beside Parnell Square. It's only about 7 euro one way, and it's worth it. The drivers are always lovely too, very polite and they'll actually help you with your luggage, which the Dublin Bus drivers definitely won't! Enjoy your stay!

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    There are 2 towns in Ohio called "Dublin". Which do you need?

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