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What is your best Jackie Chan movie to date? And what do you think of "New Police Story"?

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    1 decade ago
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    The best Jackie Chan movie for me was "Dragons Forever"

    the movie is INCREDIBLE!...alot of martial arts movies take scenes from that film alone, more then any other film to date. I love that movie because it has funny parts to it, but its also a serious film. A Lil info about Dragons Forever, is that it was the last time Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung acted together...(they were childhood friends and grew up doing martial arts together in the peking opera) So yes for me it would have to be Dragons Forever...

    Ok, now about New Police Story...I thought the film was different for Jackie Chan. Because it was much more of an emotional film rather then some of his action packed films...But in reality, i did enjoy the film. Its not one of my favorite Chan films. But i enjoyed it...

  • 1 decade ago

    ...first and foremost, my favorite Jackie Chan film is 1978's "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow"; the film (produced by Jackie) exhibits not only some of the best choreographed martial arts in old school chop socky movie history, but also showcases Jackie's devoted love of slapstick comedy.

    To a lessor degree, Jackie Chan's "Police Story" series generously dabbled into Jackie's trademark comedy renderings, and concentrated more on the action and story intrigue. This is where "New Police Story" seems to be lacking; understandably, the storyline associated with "New..." is dead solid serious, and I suppose any measure of comical sense would definitely look out of place. I suppose I was disappointed with "New..", because I was expecting that comical sense; however, "New..." is still an exceptional film, more along the lines of his 1993 production of "Crime Story", which also bore a much more serious tone to the story...out of the norm for Jackie.

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    Jackie Chan ?

    u should watch his act in "THE MYTH"....

    he also sung for that movie ost...duet with a korean singer

  • 1 decade ago

    Well number one is The Tuxedo, then it would be Shanghi Noon or Shanghi Knights I cant remember which one is which... Didnt see the police movie

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